Asian hate Crimes: “it was a really bad day”

March 16: “It was a really bad day”

What is this a diary entry?

A BAD DAY. THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO HEADLINE A MURDER? 8 people were shot in 3 Asian-owned day spas in Acworth & Atlanta in Georgia, and you want to say that this guy had a “bad day”?? And that’s not all, he wanted to “eliminate” his “temptation” and his “sexual addiction” which led him to do what he did. He was feeling horny and sad and decides to pull a trigger. It disappointing to see that this is the response.

It’s stupid, no actually, it’s disgusting and mortifying.

Being targeted on the basis of their race. Hate crimes. One of many.

This isn’t an isolated case: there’s the 84-year-old thai man who was knocked to the ground in San Francisco who died 2 days later, the 61-year-old filipino man who was attacked on the subway resulting in his face being slashed, the 51-year-old woman who was hit on the head with an umbrella resulting in stitches after being called anti-asian remarks, and the list of people going through similar experiences is growing.

This isn’t new. Crimes against asian communities have gone on for so long now. It goes deep into history and systemic oppression as a consequence of imperialism, yellow peril, internment camps, exploitation. Then there’s Hollywood, the media, pop culture portraying the model minority, whitewashing, stereotypes of Asian women as exotic, industrious, eager to please, submissive, hyper-sexual, to the harmful “harmless joke” we’ve normalised today.

This issue has existed for ages. Ever since covid, its gotten worse. Since the start of the pandemic, hate crimes against Asian Americans have SOARED. BY HOW MUCH? By 1900%!!!!! This year alone there were about 3,800 anti-Asian attacks. Xenophobic violence has spiked about 150%.

This issue isn’t just happening in America. In the UK, hate crimes targeting East and Southeast Asians have gone up 300% since the pandemic. Hate crimes in Vancouver rose by 717% against Asian Canadians.

Asians are regularly being beat, harassed, jumped, spat on, and murdered. And, a lot of the attacks in the asian community are towards elders, too. The vulnerable are being target. It’s cruel.

Anti-asian racism is very real. It’s very destructive, and it’s getting stronger. This hate is a virus.

Know their stories:

Please do whatever you can to help, and stand in solidarity with us. This community is in danger, and silence is deadly. We want SOLUTIONS. Share this post and others like this. Call out xenophobic aggressions when you see it. Check in on your Asian friends. Amplify our voices. Donate.

Thank you for reading this, stay safe everyone!

terrorism stamped with white privilege ft. capitol hill chaos

BLM is fighting and protesting for an actual cause. It’s fighting for basic human rights, lives, equality, and respect. People came together with fire in their voices and their soul. They came together with passion, pain, love in order to set things right. What was the response?? Tear gas, military set up, shootings, unlawful arrests and protesters being labelled “savages” and “thugs”.

Now, the same people who carry the blue lives matter flag (which isn’t even a thing), the same people who cry out about the burning buildings, are seen pepper-spraying, flipping off, fighting cops, and breaking into Capitol Hill. These white supremacists raided the Capitol building, waving nazi flags, waving confederate flags (which symbolizes the exclusion of POC and their enslavement), breaking windows, and just being chaotic. And, for what? FOR WHAT? They can’t accept the democratic conclusion, the election. They are fighting with hatred. The response was being called “great patriots who have been unfairly treated,”, being walked down by hand, and selfies. This was no protest, this was no riot, this was a domestic terrorist attack. Terrorism stamped with white privilege.

We know that if it were a BLM protest, that day would have gone so much differently. It can’t be any more clear that it was never about being pro-police but anti-black, it wasn’t about the burning buildings but blatant racism, and it wasn’t how you would react around the police but who are you are, how you look, and your skin color. No justice, no peace. This isn’t over.


We have until January 15, 2021. YOU CAN HELP.

The story in short:

Dustin is currently on death row. Why? The Justice Department says that Dustin threatened Willis Haynes to make him murder 3 women. In 1996, there were 3 women who were murdered on a federal wildlife reserve in Maryland. Dustin was present. In 2001, Dustin was sentence to death, though he did not kill anyone. Willis Haynes, the murderer of the women was sentenced to life in prison. Willis Haynes signed an affidavit in 2012 where he wrote that the “prosecution’s theory of our case was bullshit, Dustin didn’t threaten me. I was not scared of him. Dustin didn’t make me do anything that night or ever.”

What you can do:

Contact the White House and ask them to spare Dustin’s life:

CALL (202) 456-1414, this will be a real person not a voicemail, and say this:

“Hello, my name is [your name] and I am calling regarding Dustin John Higgs. He is an inmate on federal death row. I am asking that you spare Dustin’s life. His case is riddled with junk science and a signed affidavit from the man who committed the crime saying that Dustin is not guilty of the crime that has put him on death row. Dustin did not kill anyone. Please do not allow a man with no blood on his hands to be killed. Thank you.” (from soyouwanttotalkabout)

Contact the Department of Justice and leave them a message to spare Dustin’s life:

CALL (202) 356-1555, press 9 to leave a voicemail. Here’s what you can say:

“Hello, my name is [your name] and I am calling regarding Dustin John Higgs. He is an inmate on federal death row. I am asking that you spare Dustin’s life. His case is riddled with junk science and a signed affidavit from the man who committed the crime saying that Dustin is not guilty of the crime that has put him on death row. Dustin did not kill anyone. Please do not allow a man with no blood on his hands to be killed. Thank you.” (from soyouwanttotalkabout)

Go to and learn more about this case.

Sign petitions!!

Petition at

Write a letter to the White House here.


My name is Dustin J. Higgs. I’m currently sitting on Death Row for a crime I didn’t commit! I wonder if it’s that I’m not yelling loud enough, or is it that the blatant miscarriage of justice of me being killed for a crime i’m certainly innocent of really doesn’t matter. 

I am not asking people to listen and lend their support to just rants and raves without offering evidence. i’m putting forth proof with the government’s own files that will ultimately expose the truth, and prove that my “so called” co-defendants, from the beginning conspired to shield one another, and pin the murders on me. 

My voice doesn’t hold enough weight to bring down this wall of injustice. It will take the voice of many to bring the wall down!

Please use your voice, spread the word, and help stop this injustice.

Yours truly,


2021 & rEsolutions

It made me realize that I have a lot of things to be thankful for in my life. It made me realize that there are things I take advantage of (whether it’s a hug, a handshake, walking to the supermarket) that mean so much and made me appreciate them. It made me realize to be grateful for the little things, and that the little things we have in life aren’t little at all but just look that way at times when we don’t fully grasp what we have in front of us.

When midnight hit and 2019 was over, I was over the moon, excited for the new decade. Every Monday makes me felt like I’m given a fresh start. But, I always wait for Monday when I mess up, I always wait for the new week, the next month, a new year. Yet, 2020 started and the months just kept passing like I was in a train not stopping at any of the stops, it got exhausting. It honestly still is. It taught me that falling is completely normal (like when I learned how to ride a bike) and if I was going to wait until some day or some one to come pick me up, I’d probably miss dinner. My point is, I had a habit of always waiting as if some perfect time was going to come to make everything right, but then I learned it doesn’t work that way. It’s my responsibility to bring myself to bring me where I wanted to be in life. Sure, a few months passed and I didn’t accomplish the whole list of projects I had planned prior, but that doesn’t matter anymore, it’s in the past. I can either dwell on it, or stand up and take a step forward. Even if it’s a small little step, that’s all that counts.

The word resolution is usually associated with the words: determination, firmness, course of action, etc. Determination is to persevere towards a goal despite the challenges and obstacles in the way. This sounds very serious, and I think that it is. It’s important that when you want something in life, a goal, a dream, you should keep on keeping on until you have it. But, I also believe that it’s equally important to remember that driving from California to New York won’t take an hour. There will be traffic, roadblocks, diversions, and more that can come between your drive, but that doesn’t you’re not getting to where you want to go. There will be a lot of times when you’ll stare into hypothetical distance and not see what you’re reaching for, but it’s there, you just have to keep going. But, you also have to give yourself breaks, take it easy on yourself, and acknowledge that you’re doing what you can with what you have. I’m proud of you, by the way.

Just a heads up, I started doing some of these resolutions this month when I realized that there’s no better time to work on yourself than the present. Let’s get on to the list shall we:

  1. Morning Reads:
    • Morning reads are about changing my language and thoughts about myself into something more empowering and positive.
  2. 5 Things To Be Thankful For
    • Gratitude is important that’s why every night I will write down 5 things that I’m thankful for. Some days will be hard and challenging, but whether it’s a breeze I was able to catch or a cup of water after some run, it’s going on the list.
  3. Finish a Book a Week
    • There’s something about books that are always exciting, I’ve been reading less than I want to for awhile now but, I want to spend more time in the words of a page of some book and get back into the habit of reading.
  4. Be more Confident
  5. Write More
    • Writing is a form of art. Authors are artists that can make strings of words into magic, and it’s absolutely inspiring. I want to write more, my goal is 2 blogs a week, even if writer’s block tries knocking on my door.
  6. Social Media Break
    • 1 week a month at least.
  7. Try 2 New Things a Week
    • It could be a new song, outfit, recipe, anything.
  8. Telling My Friends and Family I Love Them More
  9. Take at Least 3 Pictures or Videos a Day That Are Good Vibes
    • I love scrolling through pictures and videos that give the good vibe aesthetic. Imagine, at the end of the year, how much to look through and laugh or smile at.
  10. Learn Something New Every Day
  11. Eat Healthier

Thank you for reading this 🙂 I hope that you are staying safe, hydrating, and I love you! I’ll catch you in my next blog ❤

Yours truly,



The best is yet to be

– Robert Browning


Being optimistic is difficult. It’s easier to stay wrapped in a blanket on the more negative spectrum of life. I know this because I do this. I tend to find myself in this area more time than I would like to admit. And, don’t get me wrong, we need to wallow sometimes. We need to grab our hot chocolates, blankets, slap on some fluffy socks and let it out. It’s healthy and necessary to let that pain flow out through the tears. Don’t bottle it in. Remember, whatever you are feeling is totally valid.

Afterwards though, we got to bounce back. As much as I love staying in the warm blanket (which I’ll definitely get back to later on, except with good vibes instead), I fold it and lay on the bed, put the cup in the sink (wash it of-course), throw the socks in the hamper, and splash some cold water on my face. Recently, thankfully, I’ve been able to push myself and conquer in the war which I make against myself more often and I’m very proud to say that.

A few nights ago, as I was lying in bed, I grabbed my notebook and pen (which was fortunately laying on top of my side table) and wrote two words: Morning Reads. You probably guessed that, huh. Now, what is Morning Reads? Let me tell you. It’s a list of things that I made that I have to say to myself first thing in the morning. I usually do this in front of the mirror, or while I’m laying in bed contemplating wether I should get up or stay in bed, imagining scenarios where I’m baking all the deserts I have in my Pinterest boards of foodies. I found it to be pretty silly at the start, because I’ve never really done it before. I was so used to making jokes about myself and being (honestly pretty mean and) kinda rude, something I know would be outrageous to utter to another human being, yet when it came to me saying it to me, I didn’t mind. BUT NOW, I VERY MUCH DO MIND. I found it easier to make it a goal of mine to say positive things to myself more than always on the look out to stop myself from saying something mean (although I try to do).

GUYS, when I started saying these things to myself, there was a transformation. A BIG ONE. I turned into a mini marshmallow. Yes, the one who’s typing this is right now is a very awesome marshmallow sharing my secrets. Okay, okay jokes aside. I’m being for real (just to clarify: not about being a marshmallow) that there is a change that you’ll start to notice. A positive and good vibes type of change.

So far, here’s what my list is comprised of:

– Today is going to be a good day

– I am badass

– I am beautiful

– I am awesome

– I am productive

You are badass and beautiful and awesome and productive. And, I absolutely suggest that you should try this tooooo! Use this list, create you own, get creative, and go for it. Anyways, here’s where I end. I hope you’re staying safe! I love you and I’ll see yah in the next blog. 😀

Yours truly,