Asian hate Crimes: “it was a really bad day”

March 16: “It was a really bad day”

What is this a diary entry?

A BAD DAY. THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO HEADLINE A MURDER? 8 people were shot in 3 Asian-owned day spas in Acworth & Atlanta in Georgia, and you want to say that this guy had a “bad day”?? And that’s not all, he wanted to “eliminate” his “temptation” and his “sexual addiction” which led him to do what he did. He was feeling horny and sad and decides to pull a trigger. It disappointing to see that this is the response.

It’s stupid, no actually, it’s disgusting and mortifying.

Being targeted on the basis of their race. Hate crimes. One of many.

This isn’t an isolated case: there’s the 84-year-old thai man who was knocked to the ground in San Francisco who died 2 days later, the 61-year-old filipino man who was attacked on the subway resulting in his face being slashed, the 51-year-old woman who was hit on the head with an umbrella resulting in stitches after being called anti-asian remarks, and the list of people going through similar experiences is growing.

This isn’t new. Crimes against asian communities have gone on for so long now. It goes deep into history and systemic oppression as a consequence of imperialism, yellow peril, internment camps, exploitation. Then there’s Hollywood, the media, pop culture portraying the model minority, whitewashing, stereotypes of Asian women as exotic, industrious, eager to please, submissive, hyper-sexual, to the harmful “harmless joke” we’ve normalised today.

This issue has existed for ages. Ever since covid, its gotten worse. Since the start of the pandemic, hate crimes against Asian Americans have SOARED. BY HOW MUCH? By 1900%!!!!! This year alone there were about 3,800 anti-Asian attacks. Xenophobic violence has spiked about 150%.

This issue isn’t just happening in America. In the UK, hate crimes targeting East and Southeast Asians have gone up 300% since the pandemic. Hate crimes in Vancouver rose by 717% against Asian Canadians.

Asians are regularly being beat, harassed, jumped, spat on, and murdered. And, a lot of the attacks in the asian community are towards elders, too. The vulnerable are being target. It’s cruel.

Anti-asian racism is very real. It’s very destructive, and it’s getting stronger. This hate is a virus.

Know their stories:

Please do whatever you can to help, and stand in solidarity with us. This community is in danger, and silence is deadly. We want SOLUTIONS. Share this post and others like this. Call out xenophobic aggressions when you see it. Check in on your Asian friends. Amplify our voices. Donate.

Thank you for reading this, stay safe everyone!