PRE-COVID TRAVELS IN NYC: MoMA, ice skating, etc. ep. 5-7


I am groot.

– Groot

HELLO YOU HUMAN BEING. I hope that you are doing good, it’s been a crazy year. Here’s a little video on plants below. I talk about Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Rosemary!!! If you watch it, just know that I’m forever grateful. Stay safe and don’t forget to social distance and hydrate! Love you! ❤

Video presented to you by yours truly,

Elizabeth 😀

Turned 17 and here are some lessons that I’ve learned:

Okay, I turned 17 about 4 months ago. But, that’s not the point. And, as much as it would have satisfied my odd need to post this on my birthday for alignment and timing type purposes, we’re just going to have to deal with this. So, OnWaRDs with this blog shall we. Yes, we shall.

Lesson 1: don’t stop when you stopped

To clear it up a bit, it’s kind of like saying don’t fail twice. An example would be if you set a goal to do a certain amount of pushups for a week and you missed one day (let’s say even the first day) don’t, do not miss a second day. Sometimes when we missed a scheduled task or goal, we drop the whole thing. However, it’s normal to miss that first day, it happens, it’s okay, remember that. Stand right back up and push yourself to keep going. Don’t stop. 

Keep Going GIFs | Tenor


Lesson 2: daily affirmations all the way

I joked around a lot about myself. Deep down, I knew that it was hurting me but I tend to cover that up with laughing. I had a long list of negative self-talk that I picked at on the daily without really recognizing it. However, I started being more aware of it and realized that my words were harming me the most. And, I decided that the only words that I was going to say are going to be positive. That, I was going to speak only good. Sooo, I made a list of daily affirmations. I would say it when I woke up, just randomly during the day, and at least five things before I slept. I truly found it to change my day (of course, in a better way- ha that rhymed).

50+ Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence - the remote yogi


Lesson 3: chill, homie

When the days feel like it just keeps repeating and you feel exhausted in your soul, take a breath. Sometimes we just go through the motions and push ourselves to the point where you’re awake and doing things but the reality is that you’re too tired to really enjoy the moments. So, I found that you really gotta push the chill button for yourself, close your eyes, take a few deeps breaths, relax your shoulders and your face, and even SLEEP. 

Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye: “Best thing you can do is chill out ...


Lesson 4: when I’m 80…

I want to look back on my life one day and be proud of the things that I did, the chances I took, the adventures I went on. There are things that I want to do but I get held back by all these thoughts on what would Sheryl think. I don’t really know a Sheryl, but I’m speaking hypothetically here. Sheryl, in this case, represents those people who’re opinions matter to you but shouldn’t. I catch myself getting all tense upon whether or not so-and-so would judge what I do or if they liked a project I’m working on. Then, I think: “why do I even care?”. If you know that your intentions are good and you are reaching your goal and working on it, other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter, they don’t. Truthfully, I do have a few people I look up to and their opinions mean the most to me. It’s a very small list composed of my mom, dad, siblings, and my best friend. The reason I chose this list is that I know IN MY HEART that these amazing hoomans want the best for me in life and their intentions in the words they give me are always for good reason. But, aside from them, I try not to let whatever else someone might think of me get in my way to reach my dream. Another thing I think of is when I’m 80. What does it mean? Well, it so happens that when I was whipping up some pancakes one day, I realized when I turn 80, I’m probably not going to care about that time I decided to text a guy or post a youtube video of me singing as my voice cracks. It’s all part of life’s big adventure and these will all be moments one day. I might be red as a tomato because of some embarrassing lil moment but I calm down thinking about “when I’m 80” or even just thinking about how in a couple of hours I’m probably just going to be laughing about it. 

i really dont care about your opinion gif | WiffleGif


Lesson 5: not an option

One plus one does not equal 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever else number. You are not an option. You deserve so much better. Understanding your worth and walking away from a relationship that treats you like an option can be hard but way worth it. You are the only choice BABY. 

But you're someones first choice – quotes


Lesson 6: be honest

I’ve gotten into situations and things that I didn’t really want to do just because I was afraid of being honest and scared of hurting someone by saying no. But being honest it probably the bestest thing for you to do. It might come out as too straightforward or rude but it’s really not. Say you mean and mean what you say. If you’re talking to a boy and you don’t like him that way and you know he likes you, be honest. Say you don’t like him that way. You don’t need to say it meanly or anything but just say it. 

Be Honest GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Lesson 7: rejection = good thing

Okay, fine, rejection also = ouch. There are times in life when you will be rejected. Whether it be after gathering your confidence and asking someone out or sending your write-up to be published, you will experience rejection. But, it’s part of the process. It will help you to grow and you’ll find better opportunities. And, for that person who doesn’t like you that way, it will also save you the time and energy you might have put if the person didn’t tell you that they don’t feel the same. If J.K. Rowling stopped trying after her 12th rejection for her book, we wouldn’t have our harry potter world today. Walt Disney was turned down 302 times and because he didn’t give up, he’s a legend. After 1009 rejections, Colonel Sanders still kept going, and now 23,000 KFC outlets found in 140 countries. So, keep your head up you Queeeen or Kiinng.

My 1st Rejection Letter | Romantic gif, Agnes despicable me ...


Lesson 8: brownies and cookies

Yeah, I said it, brownies and cookies. If you’re like me, you love brownies and cookies (and all dessert if we’re getting on this topic). However, I can’t really tell you which one I like most because they’re two different things. Where am I getting at? Comparison is out of the subject. It’s easy to look at someone’s Instagram picture or something and start comparing yourself to them. BUT DONT. Two people are two DIFFERENT people, you can’t compare them. 

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Comparing – Happiness is You


Lesson 9: say thank you 

When I wake up, I say thank you. When my sister makes me scrambled egg, I say thank you. When my mom shows me ideas on what to write about, I say thank you. Before I sleep I list at least ten things in my head that happened in the day that I’m grateful for. This has draaamaaatically (notice the emphasis on dramatic) helped me to develop a more mindset and improve my well-being. 

Thank You GIFs | Tenor


Lesson 10: small actions aren’t small

The small things that you do matter. On your journey to self-love and improvement, every little change goes a long way. Doing one push-up more and waking up one hour earlier makes a difference. It goes a long way.

Small Steps Pink Sticker by Tolly Dolly Posh for iOS & Android | GIPHY


Lesson 11: stand tall and shout

Even if you’re small (like me), stand tall homie. This goes for what you believe in. Stand up for what you know is right. Don’t let people silence you or your ideas. Keep your chin up and shout (you don’t really need to shout but if you want to DO THAT TOO) and keep fighting. If we do this together, our collective actions and voices will be heard and changes will take place. 

Played Yourself GIF | Gfycat


Lesson 12: the competition is the mirror

I realized that what I do, I do for myself. Life isn’t a competition for who can look best in that bikini or who can be the most successful of all time. The only competition is between you and YOU. That wasn’t a typo. It’s about being better than you were yesterday. Small changes, improving, and keep on going. 

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Lesson 13: stop holding on

You know who those people are in your life that is toxic for you but you somehow keep holding on. It’s time to let go. Those people who are holding you back and having this negative effect on your life. Or, maybe it’s someone you had in your life that you used to always be close to and it used to be so perfect and now it’s like they’re trying to avoid you. I know how that feels, and it absolutely sucks. But, there are times in life where it will hurt more to hold on than to let go. 

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Lesson 14: dance and vibe *important

just dance. just vibe. Maybe it’s just bopping your head to your favorite song or having a full-on dance party with your PJs at 4 am with your cat. Just do it.

Pin on sm.


Lesson 15: unfollow and follow

Is it just me or does the word follow look kind of weird? Hm, okay, anyway, not the point. Unfollow people or things that bring negativity to your life. Online and offline (aka in person). You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Then follow those that inspire you. Follow things that bring you happiness, laughter, and joy when you see it. If you have Instagram or any other social, follow pages or people that lift you up by their words or what they show. I went on my socials and went on unfollowing people who I didn’t really have good vibes with because of something they did and it honestly made a difference. Um, just like probably don’t follow (like follow follow) someone in person randomly because that’ll be weird. 

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram in 2020 – AiGrow

Lesson 16: read desiderata 

just read it.

And, if you can, learn it by heart.

Too Long Didn't Read GIF - Reading PussInBoots Shocked - Discover ...


Lesson 17: give it a chance, right side up and upside down

What I learned from this lesson is to give things and people a chance. Whether it’s hearing a negative subjective description from someone about a certain someone or having a bad first impression. I believe that’s it’s important to give someone a chance, the benefit of the doubt. To step back and look at the situation in a different way. Right side up, and upside down.

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a reminder:

HELLO, you beautiful human being. I’m proud of you and I appreciate you. You’re a baddie and you’re awesome (you better go to the mirror and tell that to yourself). Also, please don’t forget to wash your hands and social distance and hydrate!!! Okay, till my next blog, bye, love you! 





Amazing Avocado Toast Recipe? uh.. i think YES

                  HEYO, IT’S A FOOOD BLOG! One of my favorite kinds of blogs. Food is good. Okay, on to the real biz, let’s gooo:


  • Bread Slices 
  • Tuna 
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocado
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Cream Cheese
  • Spices (I used, chili pepper powder, garlic salt, and bagel seasoning) 



Guys, this recipe is absolutely amazing.  

Okie dokie, so the serving size that I made here was like good enough for like 5-10 slices of servings. 


STEP 1: Cut the garlic and onions

The garlic will be added to the avocado spread, while the onions will be added to the tuna! I used 2 and 1/2 bulbs of garlic and minced it. Then, I cut one small onion



STEP 2: Mash the avocados

I used 3 avocados! By the way, I’d say not to over mash it, like just enough. Whatever your preference is!


STEP 3: Make the avocado mix

Get a bowl and mix in your avocados, garlic, two squeezes of lemon, spices, 1/2 cup of cream cheese.


 STEP 4: Tuna mix

Get your can of tuna and mix it in with your onions in a bowl.


STEP 5: Toast, spread, and serve

We’re at the finish line now peeps! Okay, so, toast your bread (just to the point where it’s a lil brown and toast but still soft), then add a layer of your tuna mix, then the avocado mix, and top it off with the spices! Then, enjoyyyy!!! 


Old Town Monrovia, California BABY!

Location: Monrovia, California



I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of Monrovia (like ever) until I got there. And, at the start, I was kind of just a melting pot of emotions (mainly confusion (like where the heck are we), a teaspoon of anger- scratch that more like A TABLESPOON, a cup of excitement, heaps of curiosity, and the rest is just random bits of feelings, another story another blog type of thing you know- ANYWAY) when I arrived at night sometime in December of 2017.

It was a change of scenery, moderately chilly, and I couldn’t really tell the vibe of the city yet as I was still half asleep in the car ride during our arrival. All I could make out was the mountains that gleamed under the moonlight and the few palm trees that greeted me with a steady sway. sweet.



Fast forward to a couple months in, I was in love. Found in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley of L.A. county is Monrovia (named after the founder, William Monroe). A 30 minute (really it depends on the traffic) drive to the City of Angels, about 20 miles. Pinpointing it, even more, just 10 miles from Monrovia, you’ll hit Pasadena, and 14 miles from Monrovia is the N.A.S.A’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PRETTY COOL RIGHT). There’s just so much more fascinating things about this place from filmed tv shows and movies to a library room with ancient books (okay, okay not really ancient but more like old, ooold, oollld books- you get the point) that will blow your mind. Let’s dive right into it. 


cool side note: on Tuesdays, the tickets are $5 in the movie theatre



The perimeter that I’m going to be focusing on today, however, will be Old Town Monrovia. What is that? You may be wondering, I shall get into detail right now, don’t worry. Okay, so, Old Town Monrovia is considered the heart of the city. All along the street, you’ll find buildings rich with history. Just a heads up, Monrovians take their building and history preservation quite seriously. That is why you may notice that there are quite a few landmarks, buildings, and even homes (very victorian style btw) that truly show the outstanding style of architecture tied in with the legacy and past of Monrovia. While the outside of the buildings is old-style, you walk right in and you get the modern-day style back, a perfect blend.


art, Art, ART

Aside from the aesthetic brick buildings and quaint historical landmarks, Monrovia is filled with art- EVERYWHERE. This is all thanks to the Art in Public Places Committee and Art in Public Places program. Take a stroll around Old Town and you’ll find art on the floor, walls, meter blocks, and even trash cans. Murals of wings, airplanes, poetry written on the floor, beautiful designed doors and gates, and so much more. Here’s some of the art they have around:

  • Mark Twain (location: library)



  • Red Box Car (location: paragon)

Red Box Car at Paragon


  • Library Mural (location: library)

Library Mural



This is something I couldn’t leave out. You take a walk around and I bet you that you’ll bump into a painted bear statue whether it be in the library, chilling like a tourist, or at the park. Might as well get acquainted with him. Who is this dude anyway? First off, it’s a bear- get it right, and second off his name is Samson the Bear. Let me tell you the scoop. It was around the 1990s when this particular 500 pound California black bear found it’s way to Monrovia. He often made trips up and down the foothills, contemplating life, treating himself to some food from fruit trees and trash cans. Word spread about this bear and his adventures as he often was found chilling in hot tubs. However, in 1994, Samson fell ill and was going to be euthanized, news spread quickly, and Samson was saved. Together, Monrovians, the Orange County Zoo, and the San Gabriel Valley raised $125,000, which went into construction for the beloved Samson’s habitat, which fed him greatly and even provided him a pool! Samson is pretty special, you see. 


samson the bear
Samson the bear the tourist- he asked me if I could take this picture for his instagram yeah


Filming in progress

guys. GUYS!! Monrovia has had some amount of movies filmed there. I’ve had my fair share of seeing films being filmed at Old Town itself! I found it particularly entertaining when they switched out signs of restaurants and all to suit the need of the film. And, during times when the background people were needed to act as casual as possible (which I witnessed, by the way, very cool), I swiftly breezed by the professional-looking dudes in suits who seemed like they missed their much-needed cup of coffee and tapped their pen on what looked like an important binder thing quite a few times.

Okay, first let’s start at Monrovia High School where A Cinderella Story was filmed. In my opinion, a classic. I did go to school there for about a year and a half and knowing that Austin Ames has walked in the school hall that I walked in is a dream come true (I’m overreacting here, but I’m just saying that I found it pretty damn cool). Some movies that filmed in Monrovia: 

  • American Pie (location: 402 South Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia)
  • Legally Blonde (location: 625 South Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia)
  • Not Another Teen Movie (location: Monrovia High School)
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park 
  • A Cinderella Story (location: Monrovia High School)
  • A Quiet Place (location: 304 N Canyon Blvd, Monrovia)

And, that’s just to name a few!! Pretty cool, huh.


Monrovia Park Library

Hands down one of my favorite places. For reals. In case the name didn’t entirely give out the picture, IT’S A PARK AND A LIBRARY. A big one too, might I add. Starting outside, there’s enormous patches of grass, benches along the walkway that leads to this fountain, a game table, a big park at the back with swings, climb-y thing-os, a slide, and other park stuff, more benches, and picnic tables. There are a lot of events that are held in the library area, which usually have pizza served (I know because I’ve volunteered quite a few times during events and I have never not seen pizza served… coincidence? I THINK NOT). It’s a perfect place to read a good book while being out for fresh air, play some soccer, walk around, journal, and play with your dog. I’d say the best time to go and hang outside would be when it’s cloudy but the sun still peeks up over the whole place while the wind sings along the breeze. perfecto.

Who We Are — Monrovia Public Library Foundation

side note: there was a time I was “throwing” a football in front of the library (if you can even call it a throw) as I was playing with my sisters when this guy came up to us (probably in pain by seeing us countlessly struggle and fail to throw, although I’d give us points for trying) and offered to help. Apparently, he was a football coach (the luck was definitely in our favor) and saw how much we sucked (he didn’t say that btw he was actually really nice about it) so he offered to help. Ten minutes later, me and my sisters were basically pros. We could literally throw the football straight to each other with our eyes closed. And, yeah that was fun, that’s my lil story at the library.

Now, on the inside is even better. When you enter, there’s a little store that you’ll find to your left which is called the Friend Store where you can buy books, DVDs, magazines that are pretty affordable, and, at times, excellent finds. Next, there’s a room to the right which known as the community room where events are held and activities take place in. When you continue your journey inside, you’ll be faced with the front desk where you can check out your books, get your library card, and more. There are two main sections: To the left, you’ll see the Youth section and to your right, the Adult section. As you may have guessed, the Youth section is more of the library’s bustling side where you can talk with your normal voice volume. You can also find computers, a baby area with toys and everything, and a room known as the Story Room where other events are held, too. The Adult section has a Teen section with tables to study on, computers to use, couches, and books. And, continuing on in the Adult area, this is where the study rooms you can reserve for few hours (it works as a first come first serve) are found, shelves after shelves of books on an array of topics, computers, printers, a magazines area and remember I mentioned the ancient area earlier? Actually, it’s called the Heritage room, and let’s just say my brain thinks that somewhere hidden might be a book on the existence of Damon Salvatore, or not, you never know.

reminder: If you ever find yourself in this beautiful library, GET A LIBRARY CARD. 

There’s so much more than what meets the eye and pre-covid times, the volunteering community is one fun place to be at and help.

another side note: The library park is actually located next to the community center.


Friday Night

This is probably my favorite day of the week, aside from Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Friday nights are absolute the best in Old Town Monrovia. This is because of the street fair that’s set up along Myrtle (they have safety precautions set it place like social distancing, etc.). A few blocks get closed off from 5 pm to 9 pm and lil vendors set up. The end is usually filled by food trucks and live music playing. There are plenty of stalls selling many different things from fresh honey to strawberries to floppy hats and shades to bubble machines and so much more. ALSO (I’m not sure if it’s open yet due to Covid) they have this like area where you can go and feed and pet animals like horses, bunnies, a donkey, goats, turtles and more. I may or may not have been charged at by a llama because of the cup I had filled with its preferred food, a total misunderstanding which was worked out at the end by the way. There’s even like this rock climbing area. You’d probably be surprised about how much that part of the city can change from a quiet lil area where cars just pass every now and then to a music-filled street fair with dancing and activities and all. It’s truly something to see.

oldtownmonrovia #monrovia #monroviaca #streetfair #farmersmarket ...


Hiking, walking, and all that jazz

This goes out of Old Town Monrovia radius but I’ve got to mention it. Parks, waterfalls, hiking trips. There are many places to go hiking and let me tell you it’s absolutely amazing. Although I struggle climbing up the mountain, it’s worth it. So for the hikers out there reading this or those thinking about hiking you’ll find a place in Monrovia to do so. 

Monrovia Canyon Falls in Southern California - California Through ...


There’s more. A lot more but this where I’ll be stopping today. Monrovia is a charming little city. The community is absolutely great and I’m definitely going back one day to visit and eat some ice cream. Hope you found this blog to be interesting. See yah in the next one. Bye! Love you! Stay safe! Social distance!


Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria

You are a leader (yes, I’m talking to you….)

Quote of today’s blog: “A boss has a title, a leader has the people.” – Simon Sinek

(just an FYI but there were just so many quotes that I had a tough time choosing, phooey)

This may be a tad bit long but rest assured that it’s definitely worth reading!

Joining the M.A.P Leadership Academy was honestly an AWESOME idea (which, btw, creds go to my mom who told me to go). Oh, and, in case you were wondering, M.A.P is A.K.A Monrovia Partnership Area. It is about a 7-week academy (but only on Wednesdays every week) where we learn so much about leadership, volunteering, helping in the community, and more. Today we’ll be talking about how the first day went by. It gets a little emotional at the end (so brace yourselves).

Okay, so the first Wednesday we met, we had introductions to everyone and some ice breakers. Did you know that the person who facilitated the academy made an inspirational speech to us? Did you know that that same person was there when they held their very first M.A.P Academy for adults? Yup, he was. Very cool, I know. His name is *ahem, drum roll, please* Ed Nicholls. He shared with us about leadership, and I will be telling you what I learned from him.




Okay, I’ll chill now. Soooo, let me start by saying you are a leader. Whether you are doing something good or not, your actions which people see is still leading them. When you step outside your door, when you are buying milk from your local milk shop (is this a thing? a milk shop? oh well..), and when you go on with your life as you do, you are leading. So, wouldn’t you want to increase your capacity of leadership and improve the skills which you already have? I’m taking that as a yes. Let’s do this.

What you need to start building in your life would be a team. Your team. This team will be there during those tough times and those happy times. This team will be there as you go through the struggles and rough times of life. This team works as your motivator. Those in your team are those you look up to, those who inspire you to GET BACK UP AGAIN. Some people to add to your team could be:

  • Martin Luther King
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Mother Teresa
  • Hellen Keller
  • Your parents
  • Nick Vujicic

You might be saying right now:  “wait, wait, hold up…”

Your team consists of anyone that inspires you. ANYONE. Feel like you don’t think you can get back up again? You feel like the odds are against you and everyone’s just out to get you? Think about your team. Those people you put together in your heart and mind. Let Hellen Keller’s will to strive despite the challenges and hardships in her life keep you going when the going gets tough and you prove to yourself that the tough (a.k.a you) can get going. Let Nick Vujicic motivate you to keep fighting, believing, and keep pushing forward when you start doubting what you’re capable of. As you face your next challenge in life, close your eyes, think about how that person (whether it be your mom, dad, sibling, best friend, cousin, etc.) or people you have in your life have shown such strength and kindness and use that to KEEP. MOVING. FORWARD. to LEAD. WITH. HEART. to GET. BACK. UP.

Feeling fired up? Yeah, we’re just getting started…

Here comes more of the good stuff. The 8 leadership qualities that will help you on your awesome journey to awesomeness:

  • Purpose

You need to be living your life on purpose. Put your heart into giving back and helping others who need help.


  • Attitude

I cannot (and I mean CANNOT) stress enough how important one’s attitude is. Your attitude is your weapon, it’s your greatest friend. YOU (and only you) choose the reaction you give to certain people and certain situations. Think of it like this:

 Example: You walk into the kitchen humming your favorite song when you decide to open the fridge. Your eyes narrow down to the bottom shelf where you target the slice of cake you left the other day to eat. To your dismay, there’s a vacant spot which totally baffles you. You walk to the dining table, scratching your head with slight annoyance. Then there right on the table is YOUR SLICE OF CAKE. Your little sister has chocolate all over her face as she takes another bite into YOUR CAKE, despite having a fork in her hand. 

So what would be your reaction?:

  1. Start shouting and expressing all your boiled up anger which may have also built up from other things that may have happened during the day and dump that on your sister
  2. Grab the plate, eat whatever is left, and walk away (in anger)
  3. Laugh at how you would have done the same thing, sat beside your sister, ask if she would like to share the remaining, and talk about unicorns (or smthg, I mean idk about you but this is usually what I’d talk about to spark a convo)

I’ll be referring to situations when you feel the need get mad as -> CAKE situation

 At times we tend to answer 1 or 2. We all sometimes overreact during situations then, later on, look back and regret it. It happens.

You might say “uhuh, yeah easy for you to say… it’s just cake…. my situation was different, I needed to get angry”.

LOOK I just used cake as my example but we know we’ve had some situations like this. And, no, you didn’t have to get angry that one time at that person. When you are faced with a CAKE situation, think of it as a fork in the road and you can choose either to take a deep breathe and act with kindness or do the opposite. Choose kindness. We react so quickly without thinking twice it becomes a habit that we don’t even realize because we convince ourself that that small outburst was just nothing and didn’t really mean much. If we keep a negative attitude during small CAKE situations, we will bring that same negative attitude to big CAKE situations. In other words, choose positivity, inspire others with your smile, be friendly. You might not think much about it but a smile is a powerful tool and can go a long way for many people. There are many dark places in our world, people who need repair, be that light, be kind 🙂


  • Character

Ooooh, this is a good one. Build your character. This is your foundation. You need a solid foundation. When you do something, do your very best (every day). To strengthen your character you will need dedication. Have impeccable honestly. INTEGRITY! Our character goes down to what we do, not what we think, not what we say, but what we DO. And, honesty is what a person with character has as the cores of their foundation. Being a person with character also means to be kind, to be an encourager.

“an encourager?,” YES an encourager.

Don’t give up on others.

Believe in them and don’t ever quit. 


  • Balance

Balance is important in keeping your life together. You need to prioritize and organize. Each area of your life you have to find a balance. Think about the 6 Fs:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Finance
  5. Fitness
  6. Fun

Keep balance in your mind, body, and soul. Something that has really helped me would be keeping a journal. In my journal, I would design something that would be helpful to me to keep the balances in life as well as doodle and creatively express myself on paper every now and then. It’s good healing to just write down what you’re feeling at times. 


  • Forgiveness

It’s hard. I know. Sometimes you feel like someone has done you so wrong, like someone has disrespected you, like someone has just acted like a total DOUCH and all you want to do is punch them to the OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE AND THEN GIVE THEM ~THE~ STARE- I know, but we are all capable of forgiveness. It will make you feel so much better if you just forgive rather than hold in all that anger and carry that weight. People are generally good but it’s their environment that they’ve grown up in that may have them acting in a certain “mean” way. People have good intentions, the problem may be the way that they implement. So, when you just start building that tower of hatred or annoyance towards someone for some reason, think about how they just may be badly implementing their good intentions rather than jumping to conclusions and being mad. Forgiveness is a gift and people do struggle with it. But, great leaders make peace and not war, they forgive and work on what has caused the problem.


  • Perseverance 

I’ll leave you with this on perseverance:

BE ALL IN- never quit.


  • Team-Spirit

Are you in a team? Are you? Yes, you are. In your family, you’re in a team. Doing a group project with some classmates? That’s a team. We are all in a team. We are all in this together whether we like to be or not. So, love what you do and love who you do it with. When you’re in a team, you help one another. When one of your team members is having trouble with something, you don’t just stare at them blankly with hints of disappointment, you run up to them, smile, and show them they’re not alone and that they’ve got this. When one of your team members struggle to shoot the ball in, give them the chance to keep doing it, keep practicing, believe in them to shoot in the ball (whether that be hypothetically or even physically if you are in a sport). You are in a team. And, when you’re in a team you make everyone around you better. Your home, your family, your friends, your team. Don’t leave anyone out and walk away just because you don’t like their attitude or something they’ve done. Remember, keep that team-spirit up.


  • Legacy

This wraps up the 8 qualities of being a leader. Your legacy. This is your story. Start building it now. How? Oh, I’ll tell you how. Invest in others, encourage others, help people, KEEP caring. Don’t leave anyone out. Everyone is fighting their own battles, don’t judge and assume what and why someone does something. Remember what I said at the beginning? Live with a purpose, help others. Keep that in your heart and use it.

Being a leader is having a purpose, keeping a good attitude, holding your character firmly in place, keeping balance in life, having the ability to forgive, never quitting and persevering, letting everyone play the game and showing team-spirit, and building your legacy. Never give up on yourself, never give up on others, and above all stay kind and good and encouraging. Finally, I want to end with a short film which they showed us at the end of Day 1. This really moved me and inspires. Here you go:


Keep leading, leader :,)

Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria


Thinking Before Shooting the Camera

Quote of AWESOMENESS“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” – Plato


As you hold your camera to take a shot of your subject, there are a few key things to think about beforehand, such as:

||||Is the camera set up correctly for the shooting situation?

  • ISO
    • P
    • TV
    • AV
    • M


||||How is the positioning of the center of interest (a.k.a the subject)?

  • The subject should fall on one intersection at least
  • At most, the subject should fall on three intersections


||||How is the background?

  • Are there any unintended artifacts?:
    • trees, poles, etc.


||||What style of lighting would work?

  • Front lighting?
  • Back lighting?
  • Side lighting?


||||What would be the best angle?

  • High?
  • Eye level?
  • Low?


||||What style of lighting would work?

  • Check the lighting that would help in improving composition
  • Check the shadow areas that would help in improving composition


Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria

Magic: Essential Oils

Quote of TRUTH“Essential Oils plants… exists not for themselves alone. They produce the chemistries all life needs to live, and they heal other organisms that are ill.” – Stephen Harrod Buhner

author’s note: I hereby put essential oils under the ‘magic stuff’ category’


– ᗯᕼᗩT? ᗩᖇE? TᕼEY? –

Basically, essential oils are different compounds extracted from plants. Typically, the oils are created through a process called distillation which steams to separate the oil and water-based compounds. This allows all the healing compounds extracted from a plant to be put into a single drop of oil. Did you know that these oils have been used for thousands and thousands of years in different cultures and areas for health purposes and medicine? There are just so many powerful health benefits that you can get from a single drop of essential oil. Yup, fascinating, I know.


– TᕼEIᖇ ᑌᔕEᔕ –

Many different oils have their purposes. They can be used to soothe muscles, treat different skin conditions, help an upset stomach, balance hormones, boost immunity, fight infections, boost hair health, and so much more. Depending on what oil you have, there are various ways that they can have of use to you. 


– ᗯᕼEᖇE TO ᔕTᗩᖇT –

One of the oil brands that I use is called doTERRA, which is a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”

On their site, there are various oils that you can find along with personal care products, supplements, accessories, diffusers, and more. Their top three most popular essential oils are Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. They have a kit comprised of just those that they call their Beginner’s Trio Kit, which is one of the many different kits that you can find.

When you become a member, you save 25% on all doTERRA products and other benefits. You can click here to explore the site, check out the oils, and become a member!


And, that’s it for now! There are still so much to learn, different combinations and things you can do with essential oils. But, we will get to more of that later 🙂



happy 2019 everyone !


Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria



Making the PERFECT French Toast

Quote of truth“I can make the best French toast” – Peter Otoole

Bread is amazing.

To be completely honest with you I LOVE bread.

Bread. Is. Great.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love it? Well, if I haven’t yet, I LOVE BREAD!

Now it’s not just bread we’re talking about here, we’re about to transform it into the most (MOST) yummy breakfast food ever, FRENCH TOAST.


Okay, okay let’s begin.


Time to gather the ingredients:

  • Bread || around 8 slices
  • Eggs || 2 eggs
  • Milk || 1 cup
  • Sugar || 1 tablespoon
  • Vanilla Extract || 1 teaspoon
  • Ground Cinnamon || 1 teaspoon
  • Salt || a pinch
  • Butter 

You done scavenging around your kitchen for the materials? Great, let’s continue on with this journey.


Mix your eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, and salt together.

Tip #1: It’s best if you make this mixture on a flat surface bowl like a baking dish or some pie plate. It will make your life easier. But, if you don’t have any, a bowl will do just fine!


Dip your bread in your mixture!

Tip #1: Do both sides of the bread so that it soaks the magic sauce properly and evenly

Tip #2: REMEMBER you are only dipping the bread into your sauce, keeping it too long might affect the cooking time 


Heat up your pan, place your butter, and then start cooking! Cook on medium heat until you see that it’s golden brown on each side (this usually happens in 2-3 minutes).

Mmmm you smell that? Amazing, huh.

Tip #1: When you’re done cooking serve it ASAP, it tastes best warm 🙂

And, there you go! We are done with the French Toast!!

Hope you enjoy this! Also, here’s the best part, you don’t have to just eat this for breakfast, cook it any time of the day. 

stay grateful ❤ 


Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria


US HISTORY: The American Revolution (very, very awesome indeed)

Quote of TRUTH“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I agree with Teddy here.

Time for some more US History.

We got this.

Today we will be focusing on the American Revolution………………………

On with more history stuff!

French and Indian War: This war was known as the 7-year war between England and the American colonies against the French & some of the Indians in North America. France had control of Canada but at the end of the war, this was no longer true. And, the Indians that were once threatening the American colonies ended in defeat. The war was very costly and the colonies were depended upon to pay these costs. One thing happened another and eventually, a revolution took place.

Proclamation 1763: The intention of the proclamation of 1763 was to stabilize relations with the Native American population. This forbade American colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists were mad they had either purchased land west of the mountains or had received land grants for services that rendered during the war.

Taxation Without Representation: Methods to generate more funds led to the decision of implementing new taxes on the colonists by the British government. Things that were taxed included: sugar, newspapers, molasses, lead, paint, and more.

1765, The Stamp Act – Placed a tax on all printed material, such as newspapers, marriage license, playing cards, and over 40 other documents

1764, Sugar Act – Placed a tax on molasses & sugar imported by the colonies.

1767, Townshend Act – Placed taxes on glass, paint, oil, lead, paper, and tea

1765, 1774, The Quartering Act – American colonist have to provide the British soldiers with the following: food, beer & wine, bedding, utensils, candles, & firewood

Patriots & Loyalists: There were two groups that emerged, the Patriots and the loyalists. The Patriots were colonists who challenged British authority and will end up seeking independence. The Loyalists were colonists who remained loyal to the British Monarchy.

Rebelling Against the British: In protest to the Townshend Act of 1767, colonists boycotted the goods such as lead, paint, paper, glass, and tea that were imported to them. The colonists also started to attack public officials like the governor and the tax collectors. In 1768, the British responded by sending in their troops.

Women signed pledges against drinking tea, they promised not to buy British-made cloth, and they met at the spinning clubs to make their own cloth. They would be recognized at the Daughters of Liberty.

As another form of protest, colonists along with the Sons of Liberty went aboard the ships Beaver, Dartmouth, & Eleanor and dumped boxes of British tea into the Boston harbor. The value of the tea that was thrown overboard in today’s money would be roughly more than $1,000,000. You’re reading that right, more than a MILLION DOLLARS. This event of tea throwing over the harbor got its name as the Boston Tea Party.

Continental Congress: As the Boston Tea Party has angered England’s King George III, he sends in more troops in 1774. Colonists still continue with their boycotts and written protests in newspapers. The Continental Congress is created which is elected colonial delegates that are used to address the growing concerns between he colonies and England.

Declaration of Independence: By June 1776, the want for independence from Britain just kept on growing. On July 4, the Declaration of Independence, drafted by a five-man committee including Benjamin Franklin and John Adams but written mainly by Jefferson, was adopted. Ideas used in the Declaration of Independence with some guidelines from the enlightenment influences would be:

  • John Locke’s: Life, Liberty, and Property
  • Rousseau’s: Democracy

Victory!!: With the guidance of George Washington, the 13 colonies joined forced and fought the British. The Revolutionary War ended in 1783. The Treaty of Paris in 1783 officially ended the war with Britain. There were more geographic boundaries for the new United States. This was the first time ever that a colony overthrew its mother country. It was the first time that a government used Enlightenment ideas of limited government and individual liberty. And, because of the success of America, other revolutions in Europe and Latin America were inspired.

And, that’s it folks! The American Revolution. What an adventure, huh. Till next time 😉

have an amazing morning, afternoon, or night people!

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© Elizabeth Anne Villoria