They say the only thing constant in life is change, so rather than defying the laws of nature and attempting against all odds to stick to one linear theme. This blog attempts beyond a shadow of a doubt to touch upon all things relevant and skim past those things so utterly irrelevant, that they deserve a special mention as well. Much like many countries the world over, this blog too is a salad bowl or a melting pot, that marries together various diverse themes under one roof.

Irrespective of where your likes and dislikes lie, you can rest assured that you will find something that appeals to your sensibilities here. Unlike other blogs which sometimes may b shrouded in so much negativity, spreading hate and antagonism, this site comes as a peaceful haven- a safe spot, spreading only positivity and can also be seen as a beacon for hope. As we grow older, our visions often get clouded by the opinions, likes, and dislikes of the people around us, we mold ourselves into people we aren’t. Reading about the life, interests, and lessons through a teenagers eyes, will really help you to gain some perspective on an array of things. 

Most often than not- the themes or things touched upon are as follows:
If you are someone who has always been interested in cooking, or even if you happen to be someone who has hated the idea of stepping into the kitchen. Either way- trying out the fun recipes, will surely make for a fun experience. Not merely are the recipes given in a simple, fuss-free manner, but they are also incredibly unique!
Even if arts and crafts were never really your thing. Try your hand at the DIYs posted, in order to make some fun stuff for yourself and your loved ones!
Snippets of news
Apart from getting to read snippets of news, presents in a simple manner, you can also gain knowledge about various historical events through the posts.

Previously, it was through journals or diaries that a person got a look into someone else’s life, however, nowadays it is via blogs, that people get a window into the life of someone they may not even know! This window is instrumental in not merely spreading plenty of positivity but it also helps in the dissemination of knowledge. So, do come along on this journey as it will certainly be worth your while. Don’t forget to be awesome.