terrorism stamped with white privilege ft. capitol hill chaos

BLM is fighting and protesting for an actual cause. It’s fighting for basic human rights, lives, equality, and respect. People came together with fire in their voices and their soul. They came together with passion, pain, love in order to set things right. What was the response?? Tear gas, military set up, shootings, unlawful arrests and protesters being labelled “savages” and “thugs”.

Now, the same people who carry the blue lives matter flag (which isn’t even a thing), the same people who cry out about the burning buildings, are seen pepper-spraying, flipping off, fighting cops, and breaking into Capitol Hill. These white supremacists raided the Capitol building, waving nazi flags, waving confederate flags (which symbolizes the exclusion of POC and their enslavement), breaking windows, and just being chaotic. And, for what? FOR WHAT? They can’t accept the democratic conclusion, the election. They are fighting with hatred. The response was being called “great patriots who have been unfairly treated,”, being walked down by hand, and selfies. This was no protest, this was no riot, this was a domestic terrorist attack. Terrorism stamped with white privilege.

We know that if it were a BLM protest, that day would have gone so much differently. It can’t be any more clear that it was never about being pro-police but anti-black, it wasn’t about the burning buildings but blatant racism, and it wasn’t how you would react around the police but who are you are, how you look, and your skin color. No justice, no peace. This isn’t over.

L.O.A.S.H’S ECO SWITCH: Reusable Bags

Quote of TRUTH“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” – 

Sup, my eco-peeps, back again with an ECO SWITCH. Heck yeah. Let’s get this party rolling. Parrttyyy. Okay, serious game face. seriousness.

dot. dot. dot.

Single-use plastic bags = NO!!!! Food, food is good. It’s necessary. It’s yummy. It’s the essence of- okay, let’s get back to the point. Remember those plastic bags that we use? The ones we use for like food, groceries, vegetables, and other stuff? Yeah, we kind of need to change it up. Like ASAP, ASAP. Did you know that there are billions (it’s a pretty big number) of plastic bags being consumed yearly?? Plastic bags win the majority of grocery bags in the United States alone. Estimated only 1 out of 200 plastic bags we use get recycled. In coastal cleanups, there are so many plastic bags popping up. Dude, it’s not good. at all.

How do you switch this up? Invest in a reusable bag! Stay committed by always remembering to bring this bag with you when you go grocery or someplace else. To get your own eco plastic bag switch, one option would be to get it from your local grocery store. Sometimes they do sell reusable, durable bags! There are other places you could order from, too. Another option for you could be to purchase one from these links:


Reusable Shopping Bags


These reusable bags are durable, compact, washable, and can fit a good amount of groceries in them. Click here or the image to check them out!






Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 20.37.07.png
Reusable Shopping Bag w/ Wheels


This is better for when you have heavier and more groceries with you. When you aren’t using it, it can be folded! It’s a great size and good quality. Click here or the image to check them out!




Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 20.48.56.png
Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


These are amazing for vegetables and fruits and moreeee! They are durable, eco-friendly, see-through, and breathable. Instead of grabbing those one-time-use plastic they have, use these ones instead. You can even clean the veggies with the bags, too! Click here or the image to check them out!




invest. commit. share.



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The Government Shutdown still going on…

Quote of TRUTHGetting along with others is the essence of getting ahead, success being linked to cooperation.” – William Feather

here we go…


What has happened??? The US government had been shut down for some time now. I know, I’d say it is slightly alarming. Let’s start from the beginning. Basically, Trump requested about $5 billion to fund the wall on the US and Mexico border. However, this request was denied. So, then Trump decided to shut down the government until he got what he wanted, this happened on December 22. 


What exactly is a government shutdown?  Typically, government shutdowns usually occur when there is a lack of funding. And, this lack of funding usually happens because of a delay in the approval of the federal budget. However, the shutdown we have now is a different case, it’s because of Trump not getting what he wants and shutting down the government until he does. 


Now what? There are hundreds of thousands of federal workers from different departments and federal agencies that are being affected by the recent shutdown.  Currently, the federal workers who are working are without pay. WITHOUT PAY. The thing is they will get paid its just they’re not entirely sure when that paycheck is coming anytime soon. Here are some of the departments and agencies affected by this:

  • Department of agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Justice
  • Homeland Security
  • Housing & Urban Development
  • Interior 
  • State
  • Transportation
  • Treasury


The shutdown is still ongoing, passing 25 days! In my opinion, it shouldn’t be down for this long. The longer that they keep the government shutdown like this, different programs will probably close down, more people will lose their jobs, and the US economy won’t be at its best. We are waiting either for Trump to cave in and open the government back up again without the funding, for the Democrats to cave in and agree with helping to finance the border, or the Republicans to cave in, get with the Democrats, and pass a spending bill to fund the government and get it back on its feet without Trump’s approval. Which one will it be? Well, we’ll have to wait for that….



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© Elizabeth Anne Villoria