L.O.A.S.H’s Guide to (nearly) Everything: Reading How to Read

Quote of AWESOMENESS“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

!school edition!


Reading may be difficult at times, however, with a proper game plan this process may not be as painful. Okay, I’m overreacting a little bit here. Reading is awesome! There are some many books out there that inspire, teach, and share so much amazing stories and information. Aside from books, there are also great blogs (*cough* L.O.A.S.H. *cough*), articles, and more to learn from.

Now, time to read how to read. Here are some tips!



– Attitude –  

Okay, before you start reading (or, really before you start anything that you want to go well) it’s always best to start with a positive attitude. If you’re complaining and keeping a bad mood, this attitude influences that way you feel which then leads you to affect what you remember and have learned what you’ve read negatively.


– Scheduling –

Create a reading schedule! Put aside some time every day for reading. This is a good habit to form. This will help you to spread out the reading over a course of time.


– Preview – 

Before you read through, skim through it first. Notice all the bolds, words in italics, in all CAPS, and what seems to stand out.


– Questions – 

It is very helpful to take down questions you may have while you read to retain the information before you better.




– Chunk it – 

Don’t just go through the motions and stop just looking at it word for word. Read the ideas. Where are these founds? Ideas are found in groups of words. So, remember, read in chunks!


– Stop, Reflect, Summarize – 

As you finish each section of what you’ve read, pause. Think back on what you’ve just read and summarize it.


– Answers – 

Remember the list of questions you may have made? Now is the time to answer them!


– Mark & Annotate your text – 

As you read, highlight the important information you find.

Ask yourself:

“What are the key concepts?”

“What are the supporting ideas?”


– Notes – 

Going through the reading, take some notes. If there are any definitions that don’t seem familiar, look it up, and jot down what it means.




Reflect on what you’ve read. Ask questions about what you’ve read to see if you can answer them. Reread the difficult passages to fully comprehend it, you may have to do this a couple of times. Recite the highlighted areas out loud. Talk about what you just read and explain the main ideas to someone. 

And, there you have it!


These tips are really great for studying! I hope you enjoyed reading how to read 🙂


 stay awesome peoples

Yours truly,

© Elizabeth Anne Villoria