Quote of (true) AWESOMENESSDon’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove…”

i. love. this. quote. so. much.

Sometimes in life when we’ve planned this big vision of great things to come, we find ourselves losing motivation to journey on. This lack of motivation prevents us from doing our very best and even from achieving our goals. This feeling of laziness seems to lure in every corner and overcome us. It’s time we stop going down that road of un-motivation-ness (its a word), we got this, you got this.


Here are some key ways to develop your motivation:

  • Promises:

When you make and keep a promise, it will help you to stay accountable. It’s always best to live your life with integrity.


  • Acknowledgment:

The tasks you are doing to reach your goals and grow yourself won’t be easy. You need to understand and acknowledge the discomfort of doing a task you don’t feel like doing. 


  • Be open-minded & see the bigger picture:

Do something new. Change your mind. Create a new game plan to reach your goal, fill it up with more positive actions. You need to visualize the end result of what it’s like once you have achieved this goal you set. Keep in mind that the work that you need to get through is not what your goal is, it’s merely a stepping stone you will soon pass.


  • Reward!:

This is important! You did it! Reward yourself for your hard work. Eat ice cream, treat yourself, spend some time with your friends and family, and be joyful.


  • Breath:

Take a breath. Turn down the pressure you have been putting on yourself to see the motivation and not the discomfort you are feeling. Sit down, relax, and get what you need to get done completed.


  • Spending time with friends:

We all need some support and help at times. Ask. Sometimes we can work better with other people as you would help each other to keep going. Hang around motivated and positive people. 


Remember this, you can do it. You have the key and power to staying motivated. Do something every day to move closer towards your goal, no matter how small, be consistent. Keep the end goal in mind. Break down the steps you’re taking to reach your goal. I believe in you! 


you got this, you can & you will

Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria