Thinking Before Shooting the Camera

Quote of AWESOMENESS“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” – Plato


As you hold your camera to take a shot of your subject, there are a few key things to think about beforehand, such as:

||||Is the camera set up correctly for the shooting situation?

  • ISO
    • P
    • TV
    • AV
    • M


||||How is the positioning of the center of interest (a.k.a the subject)?

  • The subject should fall on one intersection at least
  • At most, the subject should fall on three intersections


||||How is the background?

  • Are there any unintended artifacts?:
    • trees, poles, etc.


||||What style of lighting would work?

  • Front lighting?
  • Back lighting?
  • Side lighting?


||||What would be the best angle?

  • High?
  • Eye level?
  • Low?


||||What style of lighting would work?

  • Check the lighting that would help in improving composition
  • Check the shadow areas that would help in improving composition


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© Elizabeth Anne Villoria

10 Lightroom Tips to Improve Your Photo Edit !!

Quote of AWESOMENESS“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” – Dan Brown


Tip #1, Auto Tone:

            Clicking on the auto tone button can give you an idea of what to edit in your photo.


Tip #2, Angle Tool: 

            The Angle Tool allows you to draw a line on what you want to straighten then your photography is leveled.


Tip #3, Crop Overlays:

            Click the crop tool and click 0 to choose a different overlay. Clicking shift 0 changes the direction and rotates the overlay. Different crop overlays add more creativity to photographs.


Tip #4, Radial Brush Focus:

            Click Radial Brush Tool and select a specific area to add focus.



Tip #5, Before/After:

           Clicking the backslash button to remove edits made, except crop. Click again and edits are back.


Tip #6, Reset Specifics:

            Double click specific title to reset it. Click on the toggle on the left side of right panel to turn off/on the section.


Tip #7, Luminance Power:

            Go to HSL panel, click luminance and lighten and darken specific colors in the image.


Tip #8, Straight Lines:

            Use heal-brush tool, hold down shift, and click on the other end to know a perfectly straight line.


Tip #9, Virtual Copies:

            Right-click and select virtual copy to have two copies in Lightroom.


Tip #10: Lights Out:

            Click L to make everything gray or click again to make everything black except the picture.


Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria