Brain Pop: teleportation

Imagine having a teleporting machine in your house. I feel like that’d be pretty dope. I mean like aside from it being possibly one of those things I’d get broke for, I’d definitely try and gather all the cents I have and purchase my own. I’m just blabbing here but LEGIT THINK ABOUT IT. First off, that kind of technology is so cool. bruh. LIKE just calling your friend and be like “Dude yeah I’m just grabbing my bag and I’ll teleport there. Give me like 5 minutes.” WOAH. Wait, would that mean we wouldn’t need like cars and airplanes anymore since the mode of transportation would just be TELEPORTING?!?!?! That’s if the government would install a public device out there for people to use. Which, if teleporting device does successfully get made and operated, I hope they do. But, what’s the current situation on teleportation? Wellllll, taking a few steps back and getting a small glimpse of this sweet sweet thing called quantum physics, there are a few technical difficulties that we seem to discover. This type of transportation requires absolute (ABSOLUTE) precision. From location A to location B, what would be happening is that you’d be scanned at location A and then teleported to location B. Kind of like a fax machine ish, but like on a super extra complicated and subatomic level. Also, not to mention that you will have to technically die first as you’re basically having the (more than) trillion atoms that make up your body be copy-and-pasted into the destination that you plan to be teleported. It would be you but like not really. TAKE NOTE that this reconstruction would have to be exactly precise, else another problem would occur. It’s crazy and there’s just so much to consider when it comes to teleportation and all the nitty-gritty details along with it. There’s more development being discovered with teleportation and quantum entanglement. Although human teleportation currently only exists in the movies, we’re moving forward as teleportation in the subatomic world of quantum mechanics evolve. After doing a little bit more research about this and realizing how the teleportation device would hypothetically work, I’m starting to have second thoughts hahaha. Riding a car and airplane isn’t too bad you know, plus it’s an adventure. So, I might pass on the whole teleportation-copy-paste-atoms thingy for now.  So, anywho, that’s the brain pop for today. What do you think about it? If a machine did exist now, would you use it? 

Google Home Mini: “OKAY, GOOGLE!!!!!”

Quote of awesomeness: “We’re changing the world with technology” ~ Bill Gates

Here’s a short review 🙂

The Google Home Mini can be really helpful. Have a question? Ask your google home mini! It’s that simple. Your questions can be as simple as “what’s the weather, today” or as complicated as asking how to create a ratatouille dish. Did you know that even music could be played by this? Exactly, I was mind-blown too.

All you need are two words and you would have access to so much more. Want to know these magic words? Yeah, me too!

It’s a simple “Okay, Google.”

If you are at good range distance (enough for the device to pick up what you are saying, otherwise you would have to be screaming “OKAY GOOGLE!!!”) then four little dots at the top would light up. This indicates that the Google Home Mini is listening and waiting for you to speak.

But, the thing is, when you want to listen to music on youtube from your Google Home Mini, you will have to add your Youtube Red account to the mobile app connected to your Google Home device. This is one of the irritating things about Google Home Mini.


  • Set an alarm
  • Set a date
  • Play music
  • The weather update (although you can look outside your window, too)
  • Recipes
  • Translate from different languages
  • And, way more!

Google Home even tells jokes! And, if set up properly, you can connect your device to your lights and switch it off or on with a few words! Pretty cool, I know.

Yours truly,