The Awful Truth Behind Colonia Dignidad

Born on December 4, 1921, in Troisdorf, Germany, Paul Schäfer Schneider, at a very young age, joined the Hitler youth, a youth organization of the Nazi party in Germany. Paul reached his way up to Corporal while working as a medic in World War II in Wehrmacht.  After the war, Paul set up a children’s home and baptist ministry, and, he even created a Private social Mission on 1959 which is thought of as a charitable organization. But, Paul formed a sort of “reputation” and was charged when people found out that he was sexually abusing two children. Paul fled to West Germany with a few of his followers when he found out that he was being charged. But, before he fled, he had a job, before, as an evangelist preacher but got fired very early as he sexually abused a few young boys who he had under his watch.

Now, the story begins…

In 1961, the president of Chile, Jorge Alessandri, allowed Paul to “resurface”. President Jorge even gave permission to Paul to create the Dignidad beneficent Society which was besides on a farm outside of Parral, a city in Linares Province of Chile’s Maule Region. At the start of the new Dignidad Society, it started out as a utopian experiment. Everyone was “cut off” from the outside world and according to the telegraph, they would wear a traditional dress (lederhosen, hats, headscarves), lived in a Bavarian-style village and worked in mills, factories, farms — even a hospital that the community built. When some people passed by the Colonia Dignidad, they would put out a comment saying that “It even looks like Germany!”. Colonia Dignidad was used as a torture camp. People who were born in Dignidad didn’t have rights. They were sexually abused. If you were below 40 years old then you needed the permission of Paul. Children were not allowed to meet each other. They were treated like robots. Everyone looked up to Paul like a god, and, they would even confess their sins to him. It was terrible. The men were working there would be up 24 hours and they would be handling dangerous and very heavy equipment. Complaints from the men who used to work at Colonia Dignidad is documented and compiled. The men worked 12 hours straight, under hard labor and nothing to eat except for bread and tea.

On May 20, 1997, Paul tried to run away once again as he was being charged with child sex abuse by a Christian Chilean president known as Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle. But, even in Paul’s absence, they tried him and found him guilty. Really guilty. Only have they found Paul 8 years after he disappeared from the Chilean government’s supervision 40 km from Argentina in his own little “hideout” in the suburbs called Las Acacias. He was now 80 when they finally found him. Paul was then charged guilty once again and was sentenced to 33 years in jail for all his abuses and was ordered to pay over US$1.5 million. He was even wanted by Germany and France for his child abuse.

There were countless human rights that Paul Schäfer broke, especially the following:

  1. Child Molestation
    • Illegal
  2. Forced Labor
    • Article 25 (international human rights): Right to Adequate Living Standards
    • Illegal
  3. Weapons Trafficking
  4. Money Laundering
    • Republic Act No. 9160 A.K.A Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001
    • Illegal
  5. Kidnapping
    • Article 3 (international human rights): Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security
    • Illegal
  6. Torturing
    • Article 5 (international human rights): Freedom from torture and degrading treatment
    • Illegal
  7. Murder
    • Illegal


Summary: Lord of the Flies

William Golding, in 1939, came to teaching english and literature. Through World War II he was with his family in the Royal Nazi continuing as a teacher and writing a book called Lord of the Flies, he, according to cliff notes, used his perception of humanity with his years of experience with schoolboys. This book was reject 21 times by 21 different publishers before it got a successful print.

The book started out with a young boy. They didn’t say his name. They didn’t explain much, as if trying to create some suspense. He met another young boy who was a fat and trying to catch with the first character. The two young boys started to have a similar pace in their walk while the second boy was trying to spark a conversation. They finally revealed the names, piggy (the fat one) and Ralph, while they tried escaping the hot sort of forest they found theirselves in. While they looked for an exit out, Ralph learned about piggy’s asthma and how he lives with his grandmother when they came across a beach.

Later on, they find a conch, in the water, which they use to signal other survivors. Ralph blows this conch several times, for Piggy proclaims he can’t because of his asthma, and a few moScreen Shot 2016-10-30 at 2.42.50 PM.pngre boys start peering out of the forest. The first person who came towards the sound was a young six year old, Jonathan, who seemed to be relieved to find more survivors. Soon enough there was a bunch of other boys lining up behind the six year old.

The book then explains how the boys make a democratic decision on who be leader. At the start, everyone gets along so well. But then, the young boys, called littleluns, start having nightmares and say they see a monster. Ralph, as the leader, tries comforting the young children but things take a twist when one of the boys go missing.

While trying to stay civilised and keep a fire going there were some arguments going on with Jack and Ralph. Sadly, while there was a boat passing by, Jack was on watch of the fire, he left going to find a pig then the fire died out. The arguments soon led to two teams which soon led them to become more savage. Jack would temp everyone on Ralph’s side to join him because he was the hunter and he had the food. He became heartless and hopeless of anyone coming to their rescue

There were two people who really knew and understood what was happening, Simon and Piggy. They knew that the monster is really them and the fear and the anger. These two characters were also the good and caring characters. Unfortunately, both of these boys died and everyone knows it was Jacks fault.

At the end of the book, a navy man comes to the island for rescue because they saw the smoke. The kids became teary eyed and start crying. The ending tells how Ralph breaks down thinking about Piggy and Simon.

Knowledge from Books; Knowledge from Experience

Knowledge of life and the world around expands as years come by. Some people are reading through their books about places, museums, objects, and others are seeing those places, museums, objects and experiencing, are they the same? No, they aren’t. People get different views when a book is placed in front of them and when they see the actual place or thing. 

Knowledge from a book can explain to a person how a place or thing looks like with words and pictures. It allows people to enter a realm where they see something through somebody else’s eyes. While knowledge through experience, on the other hand, lets people explore and feels something or someplace through their own view. Experiencing a place, for example, makes the person more enthusiastic and eager than reading. Therefore, reading and experiencing are completely different.

Another difference between these different ways of receiving knowledge is how you can be saved. Books can literally save your life. Some people write their biography and the history of other people. These books that are written, show what these people have been through and what has happened. For example, if a person wrote how someone kidnapped her because her attire was showing off her skin and tempted somebody, then you would know a lesson on what not to do. History from great heroes to a typical person can explain how their mistakes on losing their temper or being impatient can change and guide you. However, if you are going to experience that pain and fear one person has gone through, that would not be very pleasing.

Another reason about this two sorts of knowledge is the memorization of movement. An example is learning self – defense. When reading a book on self – defense, you read the skills and learn how your body should move. But how a book explains the movements can create such havoc, sometimes, to a person that they won’t understand. Nevertheless, when you actually do try displaying the moves out and practicing over and over again, this develops your muscle memory and helps with your motor learning skills.

To give an outline, beyond the similarities of how people get their knowledge, they have their very own unique way of teaching people. These two types of knowledge have their own cons and pros but they both share divergent yet superior information when read, used, showed or felt. Knowledge through books and knowledge through experience is not only different in how they teach but how it develops.

Life as a Puffin

I got inspired to choose the puffin bird for my migratory bird research from the movie Happy Feet. 

There are four types of puffins but I will just be focusing on the Atlantic Puffin, otherwise called the common puffin. These birds live at the colder waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, mostly found in Iceland with a population of about 8 to 10 million birds, 60% of their population. They say that the Puffin birds are the largest colony in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

It was a mystery, before, where the puffins use to migrate for winter. After they found  out, scientists were impressed. They put a type of GPS on them and found out that puffins spend most of their time migrating at sea. They drink salt water and can eat under waves! It’s similar for most young puffins who usually spend the first independent two years on water without ever touching land. Although this is one of the coolest way a bird can migrate, they have a lot of danger seeking ahead of them. The pollution that we have been costing have been a danger to lot of animals, especially polluted water leaks. 

Even though they have a large amount of their population, it is expected to drop down soon. A group of people even hosted a project called Audubon Project Puffin, where you can adopt your own puffin! This project was made to protect Maine seabirds. So if you have time to spend and space then I hope you consider helping the puffins survive and maybe adopt. Spread the word if you can.

Water, Lightning and Thunder


Water, you can basically find it almost everywhere. It is essential that we drink water. Honestly, a person who has zero water in them would not function. 65% of our body is made of water. Blood plasma is also mainly water. Water is one of the important aspects of living. We got that covered. So, did you know that 71% of the earth covered in water? You can find most of the water that the earth holds in the ocean, which b4e2b5d77e3dd309e8d739cd34af9cfa
carries 96.5% of all earth’s water. Of course. Also, the water that the earth has, never changes its amount. It just moves around by the process of evaporation. Rain. When you see a puddle, for example, then the next day it’s gone, it either evaporated and drizzled a
way to another place or went down the sewers. Well, I think you understand the utmost importance that water has for us. And, that water helps animals, plants, and other living creatures alive. The water in the ocean, sea and lakes helps people for a living, to fish and survive. Water. Is. Paramount.

Lightning and Thunder

BOOM. CRACK. Have you ever wondered where lightning comes from? Well, it all starts with the type of cloud called Cumulonimbus. This cloud usually means “Thunderstorm with rain!”, or “Snow!” or “Hail!”. But since I live in near the equator it really just means “TAKE COVER! THUNDERSTORMS!”, well, you know, just less dramatic. Anyways, when air currents movie the water and ice particles inside it starts to build up static lightning-storm-animated-gif-5electricity. Later on, the static electricity shifts to electricity and you’ll see a spark or flash of lightning. Soon, this lightning follows with a loud BOOMING sound which we call thunder. You might wonder why it takes so long to hear the BOOM sound And, I know way to count how far away this thunderstorm is by counting the seconds the thunder comes after the lightning strikes. For every 5 seconds, the distance is about 2km.

I have a question just out of the blue. What do you think would happen if a tornado goes to a volcano? Comment down below what you think!

Fats help us.

You may have been told “hey, stop eating that, you’ll get fat!” but have you been told that sometimes you should eat stuff that gives you fat which includes food such as chocolate? Because when you take in fat, which are made of fatty acids and glycerol, you create a sort of storage place for energy. Also, when you take in fat, you are also creating more cell membrane and warmth. Do you know that when you are in a cold area, your body exerts energy and works hard to keep you warm? Yes, it is kind of like we have our own body temperature controller.

You know what? GMO does helps reduce poverty. You want to know how? By reducing the population.

Fighting against GMO

“You cannot insert a gene you took from a bacteria into a seed and call it life. You haven’t created life. You’ve polluted it.” ~ Vandana Shiva

Since GMO seeds unintentionally float farther than they’re suppose to, this poses a threat. Because when these seeds start mixing up and do a cross – pollination, this creates a herbicide resistant “super – weed”. This “super – weed” threatens a lot of other crops and wild plants. They’re sort of creating Nypa Fruticans which is an aggressive plant that poses a threat against Mangroves.

GMO seeds + local seeds = Threat towards crops and wild plants = Oh No!!!

And, according to The Standard and Debating Europe:

“Scientists claim that GMOs have, for instance, decimated butterfly populations in the United States, and led to birth defects among other animals.”

Our most important pollinators, bees and birds are dying like proverbial flies. Of course, when our scientists heard of the news they had to find the source of their death. We have created so many things that already threaten the life of bees and birds. We are just adding to it. If we can’t find a way to stop our first mess up (yet) then we should stop making more mess. After all, bees and birds are what helps us to survive. Look at the picture below and just study it for awhile. Do you see the importance the bees give to us! Yes. Big importance. BIG.Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 12.49.36 PM.png

And, you want to know what the scientist found out? Another reason our bees and birds are dying is because the use for neonicotinoids was increasing. Neonicotinoids “are a relatively new class of insecticides that share a common mode of action that affect the central nervous system of insects, resulting in paralysis and death.”. Neonicotinoids also play a big role in affecting our ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 12.56.50 PM.png

But where was this source of neonicotinoids coming from? Farms. Companies such as Syngenta, Bayer CropSciences, Dow Agro sciences and Monsanto have been supplying farmers with GMO seeds, herbicides and pesticides which all included neonicotinoids. This was reducing our population of bees, butterflies, other bugs and birds. And, according to the Organic Consumers Organisation “Other herbicides and pesticides, especially Monsanto’s Roundup, used to grow GMO crops-and also used to contain (kill) weeds in cities and home gardens-are decimating pollinators, fish and wildlife, and some would argue, humans, too.”.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 1.12.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-04 at 1.14.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-04 at 1.15.44 PM.png

When our bees goes, so do we.

No Bees = No Food

No Bees = No Apples, Mangos, Rambutan, Kiwi Fruit, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Guava, Rose Hips, Pomegranates, Pears, Black and Red Currants, Alfalfa, Okra, Strawberries, Onions, Cashews, Cactus, Prickly Pear, Apricots, Allspice, Avocados, Passion Fruit, Lima Beans, Kidney Beans, Adzuki Beans, Green Beans, Orchid Plants, Custard Apples, Cherries, Celery, Coffee, Walnut, Vanilla

These are just a few of the long list I found at Natural Society. Guys, this is serious, no more coffee!

Now, I’ll be telling you the places that have banned GMO, according to The Nation, such as:

  • Africa (2)The picture on GM cultivation bans across Africa is not clear due to the current pressure being put on many African governments by the Biotech industry and the Gates Foundation to lift long-standing bans on the import of unmilled GMO seeds or unmilled GMO food aid, however two countries do still have full legal bans on GM crop cultivation:
  • Algeria (since 2000)
  • Madagascar (since 2002)

Asia (4)

Americas (4)

Europe (28)



GMO has a big impact in all our lives. When we affect the birds and bees, our main pollinators, we affect ourselves. I join the groups of people around in the different parts of this world who fight against GMO. I do not recommend GMO to be used, anywhere.





“Who is the inventor of Monopoly?”


You could go on google chrome and search “the inventor of Monopoly?” and you’ll get an answer of Charles Darrow. But, the real mind behind this famous game which has just celebrated its 80th anniversary, is a woman known as Elizabeth Maggie. When Maggie was a young girl, her father, who she looked up to greatly, exposed her, at a very young age, to “progressive, anti-capitalist writings and attitudes”. TheGuardian even mentioned that Maggie’s two sets of rules were “an anti-monopolist set in which all were rewarded when wealth was created, and a monopolist set in which the goal was to create monopolies and crush opponents.” After, her exposure, Maggie started to design board games which she related to Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 5.42.55 AM.pnga book that her father said to read called “Progress and Poverty” which was published in 1879 and one of the best – selling books created by Henry George.

Maggie made her game illustrating the both sides of monopoly, anti – monopolist and monopolist. Her game was taken out to the public and “tested” then six years later she patented her game. While she only earned 500$ when selling her game, she was contented as the money was never her goal. She wanted it to be a “present system of land-grabbing with all its usual outcomes and consequences” she would say. Different versions of her board game started to go around schools, colleges and communities around 1920’s and the early 1930’s. And, according to LEMELSON CENTER for the Study of Invention and Innovation, this is where the story takes a turn as “Edward Dodson relays it: “The game was introduced by Eugene (Colonel) and Ruth Raiford…to Charles Todd, who lived in Germantown, PA; and Charles Todd then introduced the game to Charles and Esther Darrow. Eugene Raiford, Charles Todd and Esther Jones Darrow all attended the Quaker West town School from 1911 to 1914 or 1915. The subsequent connection with Atlantic City occurred because of the close association of the West town School with the Atlantic City Friends’ School. As Todd later recalled: ‘The first people we taught it to after learning it … was Darrow and his wife Esther …. Darrow asked me if I would write up the rules and regulations and I wrote them up…and gave them to Darrow.’””. After this, Darrow started to making his own version of Maggie’s game saying he tweaked it a bit, but there seemed to be no difference, he even wrote the same road names and misspelling of Marvin Gardens, he wrote Marven instead just like Maggie’s game. He didn’t even put street names of where he lived in Philadelphia.

Darrow took it to the next step when he sold it to the Parker Brothers. And, from then on, the copies sold hundreds of millions of copies around the world with Darrow’s name all over the place. Sadly, no one knew about the real story. About Elizabeth Maggie. The Parker Brothers only gave 500$ to Maggie without any royalties. Just now, after all those decades, we’ve been deceived. Just now, people are starting to know it was Elizabeth Maggie Philips invention.

1 decade = 10 years

8 decades = 80 years

80 years = 29, 919 days

29,219 days = 701,265 hours

701,265 hours = 42, 076, 800 minutes

42, 076, 800 minutes until they realised who the real mind behind monopoly was.


If you have the same coloured properties, the whole set, then you have the opportunities to buy a house. When you buy an amount of houses, you need to divide between all your properties. When you have 4 houses on each of your full set then you could buy hotels. When another player lands on your property with house or hotels then that player would have to pay you with money reaching the roof. When you don’t want to buy a property you have to auction it. When you auction a property you have to start at 10$. You win when everyone except yourself goes bankrupt.

Elizabeth Maggie Philips would have earned thousands of dollars if people knew the truth and gave proper credit to her. Even though Maggie never aimed to earn a lot of money, she didn’t deserve what she got.




University with No Teachers: “A miracle?”

Would you think a University with no teacher is cool? Would you, let’s say, ‘survive’ better? Well, if you’re searching for a school with zero teachers, then you need to know that there is a teacher – free school that opened in Paris in 2013 and there is another one of these schools that opened in California around October 2016. Lets try it?

IMG_3027.jpgAlso, one of the benefits, there is no tuition fee! I think this is what they call magic. Ca- Wait! I haven’t even told you the name of this school yet! They call this school, 42. The school was founded by a French technology Billionaire called Xavier Niel and apparently, according to BBC News, the school’s name was inspired by  “the answer to the meaning of life, from the science fiction series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Okay, so there’s no teacher, no tuition fee and they named the school 42!

Most of the graduates that have graduated from 42 have entered the big game, like, IBM, Amazon, and Tesla, as well as starting their own firms. I think this really give students big chances to really leap out into the world and take chances and become successful. There are hundreds of students struggling through their university going through debt and that’s why there are a lot of people happy with 42 as it give students ranging from 18 – 30 a chance to have good education with free accommodation and tuition. Yes, a place to stay…..for free.

If you want to learn more on 42 then I suggest you check:

  • BBC News
  • 42 (You can read more about how they work here)
  • 42 US(There is a video on the review on 42)

Being a Good Listener

I guess my definition of a good listener got diverted into a person who gives good advice. But, it does depend on the person and what they believe works better.

There are a few different articles I’ve read on how to become a better or good listener, you should read them. This kind of tips could help in relationships, it can help build them up. Okay, images.jpgI’ll explain the first article, from the theguardian, said. The person explaining his story on theguardian said that he always thought when he helped and gave advice to the person who spoke their heart out, was a good idea until he found out he was doing the wrong step. If you want to be a good listener, then you have to quiet and listen to the person. Also, you need to make the person know that you’re there for them and you are listening. I really love what I read from this article, they wrote “It took a while for me to understand that if a friend is in a dark place, the most compassionate thing we can do is to climb down into that place and sit with them for a while” and not pull them out while their still in that page.

Are you a good listener?