Some Basic Geography….. + A bit of Greek = Awesomeness

Basically, Geo is Greek for Earth and graphia is Greek for description. So, that’s your lesson for Greek today. You now have my permission to go to Greek land.

Now that we’ve covered that 5 seconds of randomness up there, it’s time to learn more about Geography. Even though I’m not much of a science subject kinda person I seem to enjoy learning more about the Earth that we live. And, although, our Earth is just like a tiny speck in the big, humungous, gigantic and vast universe, it is our home. *Thinks about Horton Hears a Who (A movie you SHOULD watch if you haven’t yet)*

Geography is commonly divided into two MAJOR branches, which are:


The physical geography is the branch where they study around the Earth’s physical environments like mountains and rivers. To simply put it, physical geography is the study of the Earth’s features. Not only do they study what the Earth’s features are but they go to the extent on explaining why it is the way it is. Meaning: Why did this form? How this is happen? Where did it come from?


We are humans. And, human geography is simple the study of our human environments, including, our cities, our farms, and other things that humans do that has an affect or influence of the earth. This study attempts to explain, describe, discover the reasons how human activities modify, change and produce both the human and physical landscapes

See! That was quick, right? Just keep in mind….

Physical Geography =

The study of Earth’s: Plate tectonic; Climate; Shape; Oceans and seas; Soil; Species. And, how these Earth’s features came to be.

Human Geography +

The study of human impact and behaviour, such as: religion, language, government, standards of living,population, historical geography, cities and built-up areas.

So, we’ve tackled the MAJOR branches of Geography I just want to add in that human geography and physical geography are sort of entangled because when we humans build cities and malls and farms, we sort of change the physical geography. Like, when we make a farm, we have to clear some land. When we make houses out wood, we destroy some parts of the forests. And, this is what saddens me most. The Earth is our home, it’s the very thing we live on (literally) and we just seem to be carried away when we chop down forests. When we chop down forests, we endanger different species. When we chop down forests we are killing the green lungs of the earth. We should stop this. We should all put our heads together and think of more ways to stop destroying nature and our earth, our home.

Yours truly,




Can you choose a diet by blood type? Maybe.

Although rumor spreads that according to what blood type you have a different type of diet, I’m still thinking which side I support.

Let’s get to the real stuff.

So, we all (should) know that there are different blood types (right?) but can there be a certain type of food which helps those different blood types in different and unique ways? I don’t know. But, it’s time to find out!

*Checks bookshelf* Unfortunately, I do not have any books which explain about the relations between blood and food. Maybe you do? Have you ever heard about the book Eat Right for Your Blood Type? It might be your first encounter with the book (it’s okay you’re not alone, haven’t heard of it till now either -__^) but you should know that this book was written by Dr. D’Adamo, a naturopathic doctor, who believes that our diet is determined by which blood type we are.

Intriguing, right? If this is true we might as well find out right now which diet should which blood type get:

Type O:

A.K.A The Hunters

Which diet?: High protein diet

Such as meat, fish, poultry, certain fruits, and veggies

What to avoid: Dairy, grains, and legumes

Somewhat close to the paleo diet

Type A:

A.K.A The Veggie-tarian | The Agrarian | The Cultivator

Which diet?: Veggies! Lotsa greens and rich in plants

Stuff like tofu and beans and other vegetables

What to avoid: Red Meat

Resembles a vegetarian diet

Type B:

A.K.A. Balanced Omnivore | The Nomad

Which diet?: Veggies, plants and most meats (except chicken and pork) and a bit of diary

What to avoid: Wheat, Corn, lentils, tomatoes, chicken, pork….. others

Type AB:

A.K.A The Enigma | Mixed diet in moderation

Which diet?: Eats foods like type A and B

Food such as: seafood, tofu, dairy, beans, and grains

What to avoid: Corn, beef, and chicken


Those were a few examples of the food diets that you should intake according to which blood type you are but there have been no hard scientific studies, yet. There are countless people really trying their hardest stick to this diet, do you believe this? The funny thing is I’m eating the food that matches with my blood type but unknowingly. Maybe it is true. Maybe the reason why this works is that different foods have different vitamins in them that help supports the different blood types.

I’m type O and I do kind of stick to this diet unaware by eating the foods like fish and chicken but sorry I just can’t stay away from ice cream.

Comment down below whether you believe in this or not and why.

Yours truly,







Nursery Rhymes: The Dark Truth

I’ve heard before that some nursery rhymes do connect to DARK inhumane stories. They just cover it up by positive music in the background but the words are quite disturbing. I will be giving out 2 nursery rhymes and explain the dark truth revealed behind it:

Three Blind Mice

Here is the lyrics first paragraph:

“Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.
They all ran after the farmer’s wife
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a sight in your life
As three blind mice?”

They said that the three blind mice are about the English history. About queen Mary I in England. She was the wife who is referred to in this nursery, but these mice are actually connected to the 3 nobles of the queen’s court who were ‘blind’ because they had a different religion or faith which was Protestantism than the queen who was extremely in catholicism. Mary, lead a violent campaign against Protestantism at that time, so whoever was into that religion were burned to death and tortured by the queen herself. She had no feelings for those who had a different religion or were ‘against’ catholicism. Mary soon was known as ‘Bloody Mary’ due to her act of violence and deaths she caused.

Jack and Jill,

I’ve had a few debates with my friend on what the meaning of Jack and Jill was showing. Of course, Jack fell down and broke his crown, which some people, as well as I, believe is his head. While I spoke to a friend of mine she just kept rejecting my belief as to the crown being Jacks head. Here is the common and most heard version of the rhyme:

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.Up Jack got, and home did trot,
As fast as he could caper,
To old Dame Dob, who patched his nob
With vinegar and brown paper.

So in this rhyme, like the many versions created, it never mentioned the survival of Jill. But during the 19th century and 20th century, they added a third verse. Here is the 19th-century version of the added 3rd verse:

Then Jill came in, and she did grin,

To see Jack’s paper plaster;

Her mother whipt her, across her knee,

For laughing at Jack’s disaster.

How awful for the sister to laugh at the fall of her brother but the 20th-century version is the worst:

When Jill came in how she did grin

To see Jack’s paper plaster;

Mother vexed did whip her next

For causing Jack’s disaster.

So, this just sounded R-18. Good thing they removed this verse. It’s just cruel for the sister to push him then laugh, then after her mother whipped her. That’s violence. There are also a lot of theories dating back to 1793 when king Louis XVI was beheaded followed by his wife. A few people have the thought that Jack and Jill were connected to king Louis and his wife and when they both rolled down the hill, this is when they both got beheaded by the guillotine.


It’s hard to write down the morbid tales behind the cover of the childish nursery rhymes which can be heard almost anywhere. I wanted to continue writing down about Mary, Mary quite contrary aimgres-1.jpgnd how it’s connected to Mary I, again. And how, the garden was a graveyard and back then cockle shells and silver bells were nicknames for torture devices used back then to crush the genitals and the thumbs of a person. Also, the pretty maid mentioned was a nickname given to the guillotine used to cut the heads of people, but mostly Bloody Mary used it for Protestants. This is disgusting. Comment down below your view on this and if you have any stories behind the jolly sounding nursery rhymes.

To be Born in Korea

Surprising as it is, you are probably 1 to 2 years older than you are now in Korea. Confusing, right? If you were born in Korea then the day you were born you would be 1 years old. Well, I guess I’m older now. But, if you were born in the US then you would be zero years old. And, it gets even weirder. In fact, in Korea, you do not get a year older on your birthday, everybody in Korea gets older by a year on the 1st day of January or New Years. So, for example, if a child was born on December 31st, the next day that child will be 2 years old because every Korean turns 1 year older in January. That would be a lot of celebration since it’s everyone’s time of celebrating for their supposed “birthday”. It would be less complicated if you were thinking about your American age. You would just turn a day old if you were born on December 31st and then the next day comes. But it doesn’t make much sense, to me. If a child was born and said to be a one-year-old that just sounds wrong, right? I mean they can be said to be 9 months and turn one year old in 3 months, think about it. 

That would be a lot of celebration since it’s everyone’s time of celebrating for their supposed “birthday”. It would be less complicated if you were thinking about your American age. You would just turn a day old if you were born on December 31st and then the next day comes. But it doesn’t make much sense, to me. If a child was born and said to be a one-year-old that just sounds wrong, right? I mean they can be said to be 9 months and turn one year old in 3 months, think about it. 

But it doesn’t make much sense, to me. If a child was born and said to be a one-year-old that just sounds wrong, right? I mean they can be said to be 9 months and turn one year old in 3 months, think about it. 

A baby stays in the womb for nine months (well, supposedly) until it comes out, right? So it would make much sense if in three months time, after the birth of the child, the baby were to turn 1 years old because 9 months + 3 months = 1 year.

Don’t forget to comment down below our thoughts on how you suppose this logic should work!

Yours truly,


Biology: Infinitely Fit

Respiratory System

You’ve just finished doing you daily workout routine and you feel your breath being cut short. This is because during you exercise your muscles cells use oxygen to release the energy from the glucose. This is called respiration. The more work you and your muscles exert, the more the muscles use up extra oxygen and glucose. Also, during you tiring workout, there is not much oxygen that gets to your muscle cells. As your oxygen levels drop down, the carbohydrates break down producing lactic acids. This lactic acid also stores up inside the muscle and creates pain and fatigue. Take is easy guys. And, drink lots of water I mean you do “lose 250 milliliters of water daily just through breathing”, according to Human Kinetics, what more when you get dehydrated by perspiration and sweat. Also, water helps to fight with fatigue.

Fitness Power

Being fit means being healthy and happy. Benefits to being fit are: boosting up your metabolism, boosts self – esteem and confidence levels, imagesalso, when you are exercising and you are fit then your heart and breathing rate turns back to the normal rate quicker. You can achieve or become a fit person by keeping a daily and healthy balanced diet composed of lots of fruits and vegetables and exercising more and making it a daily habit. There are multiple ways to achieving this goal and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Also, a reminder, when you’re on your journey to becoming fit to remember to be happy, have fun and don’t forget to treat yourself to like chocolate or something.

Blood Pressure

We all have pressure in our blood, if we didn’t have any then our blood wouldn’t have the ‘strength’ to travel way around our body. But high blood pressure has been a serious problem recently and it comes from some of these: not having a regular exercise, not having a balanced diet, being overweight, drinking alcohol regularly and being stress.


There are different normal heart rates according to how old the person is. I’ll put a picture here so that you could check it. Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.45.14 AM.pngAs you can see in the chart, we start somewhat with a fast heart rate per minute then as we go to a child our heart rate starts slowing down. But, most adults at this time has high blood pressure due to stress which increases the heart rate by high numbers.

Although it has been a big problem, it’s quite simple if you notice you are starting to build high blood pressure and you want to keep it low. Here are a few ways to lower blood pressure according to Mayo Clinic:

  • Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Blood pressure often increases as weight increases. …
  • Exercise regularly. …
  • Eat a healthy diet. …
  • Reduce sodium in your diet. …
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

You can reach your goals! Believe in yourself. You can’t just watch youtube videos (while eating chips) of people exercising and think you’ll magically become fit. I’ve finally learned that. The magic key for you to achieve anything in life is to start, try, fail, learn and start again.

Yours truly,


How to Predict Rain

For years, we’ve been noticing there were just those random times in the day where a troop of ants and mosquitos and bugs would just start popping up in our houses. You’ve experienced those times, right? I never took notice just thinking it was normal but every time they popped up, it was followed by really strong rains. Just yesterday, when we were cleaning up the house, there were ants rummaging through our food and mosquitos started biting, it was painful. As we closed the light and went to sleep, there was heavy rains outside but no wind. To stop the mosquitos from biting us and making the excruciating pain fade, we applied some Tea Tree Water from Lush and Tea Tree Toner from Body Shop. Aside from the fact we left the windows wide open, they don’t usually come in often and start biting they only do it when they know something’s coming.

You would usually see this but in the house, followed by longer trails of ants.

These brand might be a bit pricey so you can also use just Tea Tree cream. The tea tree really helped us and I suggest to use it in these situations. Moving on, the reason to why ants can “predict” the weather is the because they can feel the barometric or atmospheric pressure better than we humans can, and this is also known as the “weight of the air”. Although people have created their own barometer device, ants have it built in them. If they feel that there is low pressure in the air, that means it will lead to poor weather. You can learn more about bugs connecting to the weather here

Yours truly,


Robots are taking over(?)…

Have you seen the countless movies when the robot or AI (Artificial Intelligence) takes over? Well, that may be happening soon because many jobs are replacing human with robots. I guess it may sound cool as if we are transforming our world into one of those futuristic movies but there is a big downside to it.


Our robots or machines are usually labeled “perfect” by most and when doing a job it won’t mess up….right? Also, since a robot stays a robot that means no quarreling at work! There will be no affection that will take place and robots don’t need sleep which means they could work 24/7, which helps a company or hotel or something to earn extra money with the same staff without any added payments to shifts.

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to have these robots to slowly start becoming our receptionist to our librarian to our doctors. Aside from the fact that robots perfected the serious face and move in a different way we humans are normal too, I think that the idea of making robots aid us in our progressive society to up our game.

Unfortunately, we have to reconsider the idea of replacing all jobs with robots. Because those people who work day and night would lose their jobs to these perfect smooth metallic-faced machine which might just end up in fights. If more people lose their jobs, a lot of men and women will have an even harder challenge in finding a way to support their family.

There are a lot of people who don’t get the education to learn programming, astrology or to become a doctor and sometimes those people choose to do more simpler jobs. And, those simpler jobs, could be a receptionist, which robots have already taken over.

There are now a few farms which are being replaced with robots. And, even just one small farm being taken over by robots make huge differences to farmers. If people want to use robots, they should use it to do dangerous jobs like mining or construction.

We need to find a way to help our people, first.

Yours truly,


The Layers of the Sea

There are five layers of the sea which were all named by scientist. Firstly, is the top layer called Sunlight Layer (or Epipelagic zone). This layer ranges from 0m to 200m and is filled with mostly tuna fish, sea turtles, mackerel, jellyfish and even sharks! It’s a bit more difficult for sea creatures in the sunlight zone to hide but most of these sea creatures have a special something calle countershading which helps them to blend the light and dark. While I was swimming with my sisters in the beach I’ve noticed some fish that were see-through. I was flabbergasted.

Secondly, is the Twilight zone (or Mesopelagic zone). This zone is slightly darker than the Sunlight zone and it looks way spookier. Is this area, you can find bristlemouth, swordfish, squid, wolf eels, cuttlefish and more.

Thirdly, the Midnight zone, it starts to become really dark and cold in this level. The creatures that were found here are algae, anemones, anglerfish, arrow worm, cookie-cutter shark, copepods, crabs and other crustaceans, ctenophores, dinoflagellates, fangtooth, lanternfish (Myctophids), mussels, nudibranchs, vampire squid, segmented worms, siphonophores, swallower fish and a lot more. It can’t imagine what it would be like to swim around there looking for new creatures.

Fourth, the Abyss zone, it goes deep to 13,124 feet and the second to the last zone. Fish here are anglerfish, deep sea jellyfish, deep sea shrimp, cookiecutter shark, tripod fish, and dumbo octopus. Finally, I couldn’t wait to finally tell you what they found in the Trench. One of the weirdest water creature that I thought that they found is the Blob fish. It pretty much looks like an old face, which most people call ugly. It really can’t move, it just stays there till the food come to them and they can really just get eaten up by one scoop. Scientists, though, are fearing that these blob fishes will soon get wiped out due to its deep ocean trawling. Also, before I finish just want to tell you that the deepest creature that they’ve seen, you know since they haven’t went super deep yet, is a snailfish.

– Yours truly, L.O.A.S.H

“Oxygen, you are perfect staying 20 – 21% in the air chart.”


I’ve heard about how people need more oxygen when up in a mountain because of the air up there so thin. Also, the people who do live in the mountains and are more adapted to the air have bigger lungs.


When I learned that the oxygen around us is about 1/4 of the air around us I worried. I thought that we were running out of the air, well, I was wrong. Apparently, if a human being intakes 100% of oxygen that same human will cause not only lung damage but blindness. “Oxygen, you are perfect staying 20 – 21% in the air chart”.


– Your truly, L.O.A.S.H

Science Hour

“The science today is the technology of tomorrow.” Edward Teller

Science. Is. Awesome! Right?

I started to read the book Exploring Creating with Physical Science, again, and it started the first chapter with the basic things, like:

Atom – Smallest chemical unit in the matter. Nobody has yet seen this but there is proof it exists. It was the British Physicist, J. J. Thompson, who first discovered the parts of an atom. That’s some interesting science.

Molecule – Is made up of 2 or more atoms linked together creating a unique property

Concentrate – Quantity of a substance with a certain volume. You’ve heard of second – hand smoking right? Do you believe that second – hand smoking affects you or not? Well, my thought is that it doesn’t. Apparently, when someone smokes he already takes in all the concentrated poison that the cigar emits when lighted. When the smoke exit his mouth or the cigar it mixes with the air around and kind of diffuses it, which makes it barely affect you if ever it even does affect you.

Aside from learning that, I found out the numerical meaning for the prefixes –>

  • Centi, 0.1
  • Milli, .001
  • Kilo, 1000

and, the and objects, volume, length and mass in the metric unit and English unit:

  • Volume

Meter Unit = Liter

English Unit = Gallon

  • Length

Meter Unit = Meter

English Unit = Foot

  • Mass

Meter Unit = Gram

English Unit = Slug (Weird. Also, barely used.)


– Yours truly, L.O.A.S.H