Brandon bernard

Our justice system is messed up.

Brandon Bernard, may he rest in power, was executed on December 10, 2020, at 9:27 pm by lethal injection by the federal government of the United States. This was murder, just because it was government sanctioned, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was murder.

Brandon Bernard was 18 years old when he was sentenced to death for a crime committed in 1999, the government and jurors had an incomplete picture of Brandon and what he did. Stacie and Todd Bagley were the couple who was shot and murdered by Christopher Vialva (executed on September). Bernard was tasked with getting rid of the evidence by burning the couple’s car. He didn’t have a leading role in the crime. The couple was dead before this fire. I’m not excusing what Bernard did, it was wrong, and it was bad. However, Brandon did not deserve to be put to death.

Brandon was a father of two daughters. He was a son. He only saw his family through a glass wall. Throughout his 20 years of incarceration, he demonstrated positive behavior, he changed his behavior for the better, and helped at risk youth with the intention of leading them away from going down the wrong path. 5 of the 9 jurors (the same ones from 20 years ago) regret their prior decision to sentence him to death.

Bernard’s last words, which were more than three minutes long, were directed to the Bagley family, according to the pool reporter present at the execution. “I’m sorry,” he said. “That’s the only words that I can say that completely capture how I feel now and how I felt that day.” ( CBSNEWS )

If these are my last days… I hope that my death will bring a meaning other than destruction and it will ripple through generations positively.


It’s important to remember that Brandon Bernard’s case is not a one time thing. It’s the system that we currently have that make POC in this line of fire of injustice and inhumane treatment. We need to keep on fighting and keep on putting our voices out there to change this. We need to keep educating ourselves and helping each other in whatever way we can. Spreading the word, sighing a petition, making a call, being vocal, keep on keeping on to help in creating a positive change. There’s already so much pain and hurt and hardship that’s been affecting everyone especially this year. Your voice is heard and what you do is important. No justice, no peace.

Schools need to change

Here’s my opinion on the whole school system:

The majority of schools follow the same requirements of taking math, english, and all those other subjects. It has been this way for years. The same cycle for every student. But, why? We ask kids what they want to be when they grow up and fuel them with excitement as we put on a facade of “you can be what you want to be”. Why did I say we put a facade? It’s because as they get older our expectations we share them truly reveal themselves and we try to mold their minds to a 9-5 job. We shake their realities of life making them believe that those dreams they once had isn’t the priority and might not even come true.

I’ve asked countless people: “why are you going to college”

And, the answers are usually the same: “to get a good job”

But, why are we programming our generation that after kindergarten to preschool to middle school to high school to college their priority is finding a 9-5 job till retirement. That’s no life to live. And, I’m not trying to say don’t go to school, because I truly believe that somewhere that the intention is to teach. And, those who give their time to teach others are true heroes. What I’m saying is that their implementation for their intention is faulty. What’s the use of trying to force students to take subjects they don’t want to day after day. This just leads to cheating in class and the destruction of motivation.

Every child and every person is different. They learn differently. They take in information differently. Some people have shorter attention spans. Some people learn better when they do hands on activities. Some people learn better by watching. With all our data researchers and statistics we should know that putting everyone in the same process and expecting them to learn and grow the same way is just a big no-no. Wouldn’t it be crazy though if we did that? If we hundreds of different people into a box and teach them all the same way and expect good soaring results? Oh, wait, that is what we do.

It’s kind of like getting a bunch of cactuses and a bunch of daisies, watering them with the same amount of water then expecting both of them to grow equally healthy and to it’s full potential.

Students should be given classes that is directed towards what they want to be in life. Yes, there should be some mandatory classes. But they should ones that would really benefit the student when they go out there in the real world. To name a few classes that students should have to take: Financial, leadership, cooking classes, first aid.

Life skills are what need to be taught. They expect graduated students to suddenly be on their own and know how to do their bills and budgeting when all they taught at school was you had to run at least a mile to have a good grade in PE and that the square root of 64 is 8.

To sum everything I’m saying, learning life skills is way more important than trying to memorize the values of the unit circle. Everything around us is evolving, changing, and improving. It’s time that the educational system do that as well and make school a place of growth, ambitious.

Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria


Garbage Island Motivation

“The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.”: Chief Seattle

There is literally an island of garbage. OF GARBAGE! And, I’m not talking about a small teeny island that is harmlessly floating around, it’s about THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF FRANCE. It’s continuing to keep building up and building up. There is too much trash being accumulated and we really need to do something.  This garbage island, a.k.a the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is basically an evil vortex, continues to pull in garbage, plastic, unbiodegradable material one after another every day. Although the price is sky high to just get a bunch of ships or some other alternative to quickly clear it all out, everyone can make a difference. YOU can make a difference. A small change in your daily life will make a difference. If you were looking for some sign to get up and DO SOMETHING even if it’s as small as switching from utilizing plastic bags to eco grocery tote bags, DO IT. It was all the little things that everyone did which added up to big things that created the mess in the first place. So, believe me, just start by doing something small and spreading the word to those around you. It’s important, it’s our planet, our home.

Yours Truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria

The Government Shutdown still going on…

Quote of TRUTHGetting along with others is the essence of getting ahead, success being linked to cooperation.” – William Feather

here we go…


What has happened??? The US government had been shut down for some time now. I know, I’d say it is slightly alarming. Let’s start from the beginning. Basically, Trump requested about $5 billion to fund the wall on the US and Mexico border. However, this request was denied. So, then Trump decided to shut down the government until he got what he wanted, this happened on December 22. 


What exactly is a government shutdown?  Typically, government shutdowns usually occur when there is a lack of funding. And, this lack of funding usually happens because of a delay in the approval of the federal budget. However, the shutdown we have now is a different case, it’s because of Trump not getting what he wants and shutting down the government until he does. 


Now what? There are hundreds of thousands of federal workers from different departments and federal agencies that are being affected by the recent shutdown.  Currently, the federal workers who are working are without pay. WITHOUT PAY. The thing is they will get paid its just they’re not entirely sure when that paycheck is coming anytime soon. Here are some of the departments and agencies affected by this:

  • Department of agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Justice
  • Homeland Security
  • Housing & Urban Development
  • Interior 
  • State
  • Transportation
  • Treasury


The shutdown is still ongoing, passing 25 days! In my opinion, it shouldn’t be down for this long. The longer that they keep the government shutdown like this, different programs will probably close down, more people will lose their jobs, and the US economy won’t be at its best. We are waiting either for Trump to cave in and open the government back up again without the funding, for the Democrats to cave in and agree with helping to finance the border, or the Republicans to cave in, get with the Democrats, and pass a spending bill to fund the government and get it back on its feet without Trump’s approval. Which one will it be? Well, we’ll have to wait for that….



Yours truly,


© Elizabeth Anne Villoria



PROject Python: Making a function

Quote of AWESOMENESS: “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers” ~ Ralph Leader


Functions are so useful and cool at the same time and right now I’m going to teach just how to make one!

But, before we go there, what exactly is a function? It’s somewhat like a pre-made command that you get to customize yourself. For example, you wanted to make five circles, imagine you would have to make each circle repeating how big you wanted it to be, the color, locations, and others. But, if you had a function, you would make it so much simpler in just adding the code and copy-pasting the function.

Here’s the code for a function:

[rememberWHITESPACE is very important in Python]

# This hastag is a comment and won't affect the code
# We start making function by defining it with the word def
# The thing written inside the parenthesis is called the argument
# Remember to put the colon then the indentation will be proper, too

def list(alist):
    # Here, I'm setting the variable a to number 0
    a = 0

    # This is a for-loop and the i just stands for index 
    for i in alist:
        if i > 0:
            a += 1

# Here is the actual function in action!
# Test section
mylist = [2,-4,5,-16,-20]
mylist2 = [2,6,8,-4]
mylist3 = [-5,-6,-7,-8,10]


This is just a simple example of what you can make of a function. Try it out! 


Don’t forget to be awesome!

Yours truly, 



 © Elizabeth Anne Villoria 


What is eBay?

Quote of awesomeness: “Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement.” ~ Bill Watterson

In 1995, eBay was created by Pierre Omidyar in his living room as this idea went to him. In the beginning, this site was first called AuctionWeb. The main goal of the website created was for people to have the ability to post and sell on auctions. At first, when Omidyar launched his website, no one was going to his site because the link to his site wasn’t known to anyone else but himself. So then, he started creating ads which showed things about what his site could do. Omidyar created eBay “dedicated to bringing together buyers and sellers in an honest and open marketplace.”

Did you know that the first thing that was listed and sold was a broken laser pointer which was bought by Mark Fraser? Yeah. It was. And, one of the most amazing things that I found was that just in the second year of release (in 1996, around June), $7.2 million was the total value of the merchandise sold on AuctionWeb.  Then in October 1996, eBay got their first office in a small suite at 1025 Hamilton Avenue in San Jose, CA. At this time, Omidyar has had his first employee and has paired up with his longtime friend, Jeff Skoll making him the president, who he knew had an excellent skill at business.

A myth went around for a while that Omidyar created AuctionWeb (now eBay) to help his wife to sell Pez, but this was later found false. 

 It was in September 1997 when AuctionWeb was officially renamed into eBay!

Remember in Transformers when Sam Witwicky was trying to sell some of his great-great-grandfather’s stuff? That’s right! He did that on eBay. 

From 1995 to the present time, eBay has reached so many people everywhere and has even funded charities and helped nonprofit organizations. With eBay, it has been able to create this community where people trust each other more. Imagine how ideas could turn into something so much more and help so much more. This is exactly what eBay is, an amazing concept turned into reality. And, one thing that I believe we could really use here is: Trust.

Yours truly,



 © Elizabeth Anne Villoria 



Tech Museum

Quote of awesomeness: “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing” ~ Aristotle


Okay, okay, let’s go back to the beginning.

<<<<<< reversing time <<<<<<

We went to this museum in San Jose at the heart of Silicon Valley called Tech Museum. You have to visit, go now, like I’m not joking. Joke. Finish this blog first. Anyways, this museum is made up of plenty of different things and we’re just about to dive into it any moment now.

Ticket Prices for Museum:

Adult: $24

Student/Senior 65+: $19

Child (3-17): $19

There is an Education IMAX center which is a separate payment and is excluded when you pay for the museum. But, if you would like to check out the IMAX (I haven’t gone to this one but it looks cool beans) there are different fees and combos you can check at their website The Tech.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t lose your ticket and keep it ready to use because most of the machines, videos and most activities will need the barcode on your ticket to activate (awesome stuff)

Top Floor


Our first stop which we went to, was the top floor where one side was actual bodies where they are posing in a specific way and the skin isn’t there so all you can see is the muscle. Sure, it’s not the best site to see but these people (Eight of them here to be exact) donated they’re bodies for the sake of science and for us to learn, so while respecting them, let’s start learning more. This area had the actual heart, lungs and the even the nervous system. 


When you leave the BODY WORLDS DECODED part of the top floor, you will pass by 5 small hubs located at the sides. These hubs were addressing a few and specific major problems which also have videos in each hub consisting of the problem, solution and the impact. It was hard to watch especially for my younger sisters, Chloe and Beatrize, who learned how so many families and kids their ages, our ages, were in need of urgent help.

REBOOT REALITY: a digital experience lab

The other end was way cooler than my mind expected. There were stations of interactive VR which looked extremely fun. A VR is also known as Virtual Reality. It’s a headset which you place over your eyes and this amazing piece of technology transports you to a totally different universe, place or world. There was this one station where you lie down facing downward, wear the VR, and put your hands through these two sort of flap looking like thing which lays at your sides. Anyways, there is a display screen which shows everyone what the person who is riding and wearing the vp can see. He was transported to the clouds, over the buildings and transformed as……. a bird! The flap things I mentioned that were located at the sides of the person using it were his wings. He had to flap it to fly higher and when he didn’t flap he went lower, also her had to turn his body slightly to the left or vise versa when trying to dodge the buildings. It was also really funny to see. There were other stations of VR as well but everything was occupied, unfortunately for us. TIP: If you want to make sure you would have your turn at the VR stations I suggest booking online beforehand. But, if you do find yourself in this situation where you aren’t able to book it and the interactive VR’s are not available there is a small area where you can just check a VR and see some of our “future buildings”. 


Once you zoom past then digital experience lab, there is a small hall which leads you to a section of innovations which have been created and games. There were about 5-6 large looking iPads on the walls and each had a problem and the solutions that were found. The five things which you had the option to select from was: 

[For example the problem is vaccinations]

1. FIND YOUR WHY (This is the problem)

– There are plenty of kids and adults who are in need of vaccinations but they hurt right? 

2. IMAGINE (What the problem is and what needs to be changed)

– Yes, they are the most commonly used. But, did you know that 20% of the population fears needles (I certainly am part of this percent who gets the wobbly legs for needles) and avoid getting their supposedly rightfully needed vaccination? Also, there are about 1.3 million deaths each year caused by accidental needle sticks which causes infection to the person giving the shot. Terrible, I know. Another thing is these needles have to be stores in a cold place but this is a challenge for some areas around the world as electricity that could be relied on is lacking. So much requirements for this needle which most of our world’s population don’t enjoy to have.


LUCKY for us, Mark Kendall (a biomedical engineer) has created a vaccination device which needles nor refrigerators don’t even come into the vocabulary. 


This invention is even more effective compared to the traditional shots, and it consisted of: a square, silicon Nanopatch which measures 1 Square cm, covered with 20,000 tiny spikes coated with vaccine. There is no pain and it’s way for efficient.



I give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Kendall because creating such a device as this is a tipping point for injections. And, I haven’t tried this silicon patch yet but I want to try to get my vaccination this way.


OKAY, enough talk about needles and those stuff let’s talk more about the games they had!

Fuuuuuuun Fact: Dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 times better than yours and they have 50 times more receptors than humans. And, we humans, detect odor chemicals in the air with these receptors. So, imagine having your sense of smell * 50, no wonder dogs have such sensitivity to the faintest smells.

Game #1: Sniff it out

I played this one game with my sister where you sniff from this hole and you have to identify what it is and choose your answer on the computer provided. It was funny because the deeper you went into the game the more intense it is. And, believe me when I say this, when you see your sibling or your friend or anyone repeatedly pressing on the button to release the smell, then, sniffing hard and bringing your nose closer on the scent and looking around with a Sherlock Holmes look while their nose turn slightly red from inhaling in too much just to distinct whether it was grass mixed bubblegum or popcorn, you can’t help but give out a good ‘ol laugh. It’s hilarious, really.

 Game #2: Surgery

I don’t exactly know why it’s called surgery but….oh well. This activity is played better with two people. On the table, each person would sit on the opposite side of each other while facing each other. Person No.1 would have the blocks on their side, while Person No.2 would have the instructions on how to build and what you will be building. There are a few choices you can pick from the instruction manual like: a skyscraper, a train, tower 1, and more. Basically, Person No.2 would just instruct Person No.1 using words and specifics. It is a fun game but can be challenging.

Game #3

This game consists of two challenges which you can pick from. The first one you have your blocks and a timer. You can have to build a house with a roof under an amount of seconds while closing you eyes. The second challenge is to make a building which has a weight of only 8oz. Don’t worry there is a small platform located at the side of the table where you place your building to measure the ounces. The challenge in this one is to only put one block on the pressure plate. It’s awesome especially if you’re practicing on balancing blocks on each piece.


[I’m going to add a story effect because it’s cooler that way]

You venture forward leaving the games behind and wonder how much longer the top floor has left, but it’s not like a bad thing because it’s just too fun. BUT THEN, you peer down on your watch or your phone and see the time veering towards lunch time. You look up and think to yourself “I’m not even that hungry anyway” but then another thought comes through your mind “I want to see the bottom floor of them museum” as you look to the lower ground and see the other activities which lies ahead. As all these things travel about in your mind, you find your feet suddenly stopping. Before you can complain there are bright colors and so much movement and motion which take place and distract you. You’ve just stopped at the lab. On your right, there are colors and machines which don’t seem familiar to you and a sign which says “living colors” also to your left you see a- your thoughts got interrupted once again but by someone else, “Hi!” A voice behind calls, you swerve around with a smile planted on your face and greet back [okay, story time over]….. we were greeted by yet another kind staff which showed us how to create these germs digitally which you can test and try out. There were about four more other stations which we’re occupied and we even programmed it like: When release red, turn into blue, or, when with stranger (like a germ which it isn’t familiar with) then turn fuzzy .

Bottom Floor


We first ran to this whole section which gave out a Spy and Hack type of vibe which really just temporarily blinded everything else around it once I saw it and stood out (in a good way) so we had to go to it first. 

a hidden message 

There are three steps which we carefully went through in order to the decipher the code given to us. The first one was called the Cardan Grille where we had to rotate the cylinder in order to find the hidden message. Once we found that, we went to the second step which is called Rail Fence where we moved the letter accordingly which matched from the hint we got from the Cardan Grille. Lastly, the Caesar Shift (It’s not a salad bowl), where you have to rotate the dial accordingly to the information you gathered from the Rail Fence. I’m not going to tell you what the message is because I’m not going to spoil the answer.

building robots

YOU CAN BUILD ROBOTS… ROBOTS!! To be frank, I enjoyed this the most because building robots is cooler than cool and funner than fun. It’s, in my opinion, both awe-spiring and very enjoyable. If you know how to make robots and do some programming you’re an awesome person, if you don’t know how you’re still very awesome. We were assisted by one of the staffs who joyfully showed us how to operate the whole system. We each had a portable source of power which were on wheels and which we placed our robot stuff on. First thing that we were taught was the input and output. We control our output with our input. An example, your switch is your input and an LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is your output. When you put your parts (the input and output) on the energy source and connect both the input and the output with [insert name of wiring connector] then your results would just be delighting, your LED would light up. Once we got down to the basics, we were given the independence of creating and adding more to our robot. And, the input and outputs didn’t consist of just ‘ol buttons and a few LED’s, there were a vast different kinds to pick from like: motors which spin around, distance sensors, and more. 

There are plenty more that is yet to be discovered such as the space section part where you can move a mars rover and go on a simulator which you move with two joysticks. I just have to say that going to this museum will give you a blast. I learned so much and at the same time had so much fun. This is the way to learn and it’s very effective. Yes, while books are good at giving information, museums such like these help as you can see the actual thing and the more interactive the more it helps to stick in your mind and aid in learning better and smarter.

Stay awe-spiring my awesome humans!

Yours truly,




Ibajay Journey: Third day, A Wedding

The third day in this beautiful place

Our third day begins with some Longganisa and eggs. Excited, we left to the mangrove eco – park. One of the men, Denise, who works at the park called us. We went to him and he pointed to a bucket and told us he caught two mud – lobsters. Ate Aga picked it up, but we only saw one mud – lobster. We told him there was only one, then he said that the other men ate it. I was shocked, but after, he said it might have just been a crab. So, which really ate it? I guess we had to accept it. It affect us that much.

A wedding

Denise showed us another passage to enter the starting of the park because there will be a wedding. The wedding was starting in the afternoon but we have to be prepared. We can’t just walk through a wedding all muddy and stinky.

Shovel Time

Unfortunately, when we checked our traps nothing popped up. We left the traps behind and went to our first station. The first two mounds we dug with our hands and when we used the shovel, it kinda went terribly wrong because the mounds got clogged. The third one was going alright and deep but high tide was coming. A few minutes after, we started to pack up. Luckily, we hung our bags on a branch. The water was already on our knees. You could see some worms and other weird bugs floating around already.

Another Passage

We trudged under the bridge and through the mud where we could hear the music from the wedding. And, today we learned many different things from the local people who work in the park. They told us how they cut down the nipa and sell them for about 300 PHP per sack. It’s exciting learning about their culture here and because they stay here every day they know a lot of things about mangroves and mud lobster and other wildlife.

It’s beautiful how they take care of the land so much. They know how to find the right food. But, we need to make more people aware. And, not just aware but also care about these mangroves. Are you in?

~ Juvenile L.O.A.S.H

Ibajay Journey: Second Day, Mangrove Exploration

Circa: JUNE 7, 2016

Second day

We went back to the park to check out our traps and the mangroves. This time, we came at 8:00 am. The sun was shining through the trees and the birds were chirping beautifully. We arrived at our trap site.

Did we catch any?

From afar we could see the trap was touched by something. The trap was deactivated, but by what? We walked down the muddy stairs and to the traps. One was under a bridge and the other was near the oldest tree. We got both the traps and checked them. We were able to peek through a small hole which was created for inserting the paddle. We saw a claw and an antenna. It was possible that it was just a crab, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

Frightened Creature

We slowly lifted the opening for the creature to get out. On the other end of the trap, we put a container to catch it. We didn’t know exactly how the attitude of this animal was. We prepared to catch it as a mix of excitement and curiosity took over. We surrounded our trap and waited patiently. Silence filled the air. You could probably hear a leaf fall from a mile away.

But, fortunately for us, slowly it came out. It meaning the mud – lobster. We closed the lid of the cylindrical container. The mud – lobster pushed the cover and was trying to claw its way up. Very intelligent animals, indeed. It stopped moving when I ventured toward the container it was in. I put a small stick in front of its face to see what it would do. It didn’t move but after a few seconds, it loudly tried to clamp it with both its claws.

Plot 2

After capturing the mud – lobsters we went back to our second plot. We measured the starting of the plot and went further inland. We noticed there were a lot of Nypas on one of the mounds. We studied how the other mounds were surrounded by other kinds of plants. We were trying to measure the other mounds on the other side but it was covered with Acanthuses and Nypa Fruticans. After measuring all the mounds visible, we went back to the old tree.

New Plot

Since we found some interesting things happening on this small piece of an island with the tree, we decided to make a plot there. The circumference of the whole island was 18 M 77. We wanted to look at the mud – lobster better so we decided to let it go for awhile. Scared it would run, we tied a small piece of string to its body creating a leash. It looked pretty funny, leashing a lobster. After realizing they are actually very, very slow we just unleashed them. We barricaded their surroundings with small logs and pieces of stick we found lying around, even an old boot. The biggest mud – lobster kept escaping and trying to get into one of the holes. They both stopped moving so we put them back into their containers.


We decided the best idea was to set up the traps in the same mound to check if more than one lobster lived in it. After setting up the traps, and nearly catching some mudskippers, we rested on top of one of the open bridges. This bridge wasn’t completely finished so the sides had no railings yet. We spotted a medium-sized jellyfish that got itself tangled up in the vines. It was beautiful and after few minutes untangled. The cool breeze was passing as I stared through the binoculars. I could barely make out the sweet songs of the birds anymore. The sun started to fall and the night was filled with partying crickets.

Night Sky

It’s been two hours since we left the trap and made a decision to check them out. We steadily made out our way with some flashlights. The ants started to appear everywhere, we could barely touch the railings for support. There was this one time when we found five ants all tearing up one ant. It was crazy. We did our nocturnal prospection for maybe 45 minutes. We went back and forth quietly trying to spot some mud – lobsters burrowing away. On our way out we closed all our lights and stared into the sky. All the stars were out, and the moon was like a shimmering diamond. We told each other stories and left back to go home.


We’ve finished freshening up and we were just laying around studying. We could see the flashes of lightning through our window. There was no after sound with the lightning in a long time. The silence in the air was occupied by the sound of the aircon. All of a sudden a loud boom came screaming through my ears. I jumped, accidentally pulling off my earphones with it. We all looked at each other, surprised. The ground shook for me, it felt so close by. It was past 9:00 pm so we decided to sleep already.

~ Juvenile L.O.A.S.H

What is Globalization? 🌏

An interesting way to think about this is that Globalization is comparable to a jungle. It sorta runs on the rule of survival of the fittest. Therefore, we either flourish or we perish.

What is Globalization?

To simply put it, globalization is the result when the trade and cultural exchange brings the world to be extremely interconnected. When this happens, different countries come together and form a large global economy. This makes the international trade much, much easier. If you haven’t gotten the full idea of globalization, then maybe you would understand this definition better if you knew that globalization happens when the barriers between national economies get “broken” down and there is this large rush of services, goodies, investments, capital flow, technology and labor immigration which

If you haven’t gotten the full idea of globalization, then maybe you would understand this definition better if you knew that globalization happens when the barriers between national economies get “broken” down and there is this large rush of services, goodies, investments, capital flow, technology and labor immigration which get encouraged.

Basically, globalization is the process of when different countries come together through trade and others.

What are the Pros of Globalization??

Well, in my opinion, I think globalization is great in some many ways also because it allows people to communicate, elaborate and link together. And, because of Globalization, some parts of the has changed the ways that other people (maybe including yourself) travel, arrange and do meetings and see the world.

According to Future of Working, below are the following pros:

  • It Improves the Global Economy

This is a big help to different companies as it aids them to reach huge and rapidly expanding markets every day. This helps Global Economy through the access of international sale and business.

  • The Expansion of the Knowledge of Foreign Cultures

Because of globalization, people from different places on earth are given the opportunity and access to freely communicate with each other. This helps people to destroy that cultural barrier that has hurt the integration of countries for centuries. This helps to gain a better understanding of the different life – styles different people go through.

  • Free Trade! = Happy Economy

Since globalization lifts those invisible gates of heavy and crazy taxes and annoying restrictions, people are able to sell goods around the world to help other struggling economies.With this, poverty and unemployment rates are improving.

These are most of the pros that I’ve just bombarded with you, which I hope you understood. ^_~

What are the Cons of Globalization???

Since there are pros there are cons….. well, except for pizza, all they have are pros.

So, you probably knew this day would come. The day where you learned the bad side of globalization. Yes, yes, I know…. you might be wondering “huh?!?!?!?” Just kidding.

There are always to side to a story, just like a coin. We’ve learned the good side but now to learn the bad side | A.K.A | the cons. DUN! DUN!! DUN!!!

The Cons of Globalization:

  • Rich become Richer | Non-rich become poorer

This is one of the top problems of globalization. Just from the title, I’m pretty sure you understand this is a big con. Actually, this is a pro for the rich and a con for the poor. How unfair is it that the non-rich become poorer?!

  • Smaller Countries Suffer the Most

Unfortunately for less developed countries, they don’t normally get the benefit from globalization and instead suffer from it. But, this is the case that smaller and less developed countries encounter. I feel like we need to help these less developed countries and enable to get the same amount of level playing field benefits that globalization offers.

  • Negative Impact on Environment

In the process of trading and transporting goods from one place to another, the amount of fuel generated and used contributes and increases in the pollution levels in the environment. It is kinda sad that some places have the guts to actually cut down mountains in order to create tunnels or highways. Unfortunately, more roads are being seen by most as progress rather than the destruction of our earth. Another example that struck me was the incident that occurred in 2010 when one of the containers of the British Petroleum leaked and caused damage to the ecosystem. But, wait! There’s more. Unfortunately. The consumption of plastic has grown as they’ve used it for packaging and preserving the goods. Not only is plastic terrible when exposed to the sun for quite some time (which could happen during the hours of traveling) but because of this, it has led to widespread environmental pollution. 

  •  Loss of Cultural Identity

As I might have mentioned above, globalization allows people to learn more and more about different cultures and other languages. The thing is the increased number of people moving from one place to another and spreading their cultures, the original culture seems to be fading. Now, let’s think about it.