The misleading & deceptiveness of advertising and labels

Quote of awesomeness: “Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained” ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

Have you ever looked at a canned bottle that has a 100% juice label as you scanned it? Well, that’s the thing, it’s wrong, most of the time. If it reads a 100% juice, this means that they haven’t left any percentage for anything else? How can it be 100% juice when the back has the ingredients listed with salt and other preservatives? An example of this is V8, the photo below shows how they are lying.

As you may see from the photo above, at the top left corner, there is a 100% JUICE, but then as we look to the ingredients, we spot more than just “100% juice”. There are two types of salt put here into this juice, salt and sea salt. They just had to put two types. Also, another thing found is SOY LECITHIN at the bottom part of the ingredients list. Have you ever heard what soy lecithin is? Well, it’s certainly not juice. I mean the other ingredients should get credit too, am I right? They should put something like there are other ingredients here too but mostly almost 100% juice! The truth is always the best way to go.



Here’s another way that words are used in a different way so that we don’t really pay attention to it. Here…. wait for it…. *drum roll please*….. FUN SIZES!!!

Here’s an example. An M&M’s with a FUN SIZE labeled on it. What would you usually expect with something written with FUN SIZE on it? Probably something really big or even different shapes, a square or even letters perhaps? NO. It’s not fun. It’s extremely the opposite of FUN. When you see this fun size you have to be aware that all this means is small. SMALLLLLLL!!!!! Sorry for the shouting it’s just that making chocolate or yummy food smaller when an expectation would be something more awesome isn’t, it’s really annoying.



Exactly how I feel too.




Imagine this: When you have work and you go to your office, your boss goes to you and says “GOOD NEWS! IM GIVING YOU-” before he finishes, a big smile whipped across your face as you expect a raise “- A FUN SIZED SALARY!!”. You feel excited for like 5 seconds but then you remember reading L.O.A.S.H’s blog about fun sizes and you put on your skeptical face and then your boss sees that you will not easily be fooled so he ends his sentence with “just kidding!” and runs out. That’s right I just saved you from getting a lower salary- in some other universe. Anyways, back to reality, just be alert when your boss really does start talking about fun-sized salaries.

Always stay truthful you awesome people! And, spread about this too with your friends and family, to inform them! Here’s an activity you can do, Sherlock Holmes, next time you go out and do see something with 100% juice or 100% natural check the ingredients to see how many products out there are really on the true side. Also, not all products are telling a lie. There are plenty that does tell the truth, which is just awesome.

Yours truly,