I’Mpossible and the Power of Vision Boards (It’s actually really cool)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 🙂 

HAPPY NEW YEARS YOU AWESOME PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! It’s actually 2018 guys, like, it’s surprising how time flies to fast. But here’s a new year and it’s time to let go of all those negative memories and energy that happened back in 2017 (which was literally just 8 days ago like, WHAAAT??! (I’m screaming this in an excited/surpised/good way)) and start this 2018 with positivity and awesomeness.

What is a vision board?

Have you ever heard of a vision board? If you haven’t, it’s comparable to a resolution with pictures which you stick all together on a board (or even paper) and display it in your room, bathroom, or wherever. This board would normally be filled with what you would want in life, such as, your dreams, the house you would want, your lifestyle, things you would like to achieve, how you want your relationships in your family and with your friends to be like, the things you’ve been wanting to have, the grades you’re needing to get, and so much more. But, I highly trust, that it is important to fill the board you want with the thoughts, the positive mindset you want and the how would like to feel; joy, gratefulness, purpose. In other words, you can also see it as a big list of your goals in life (but with a sprinkle of fairy dust 😉 ).

Where to place your vision board.

It’s important where you put your vision board, as it should be in a place where it is visible so that the idea and dream you’ve written down or placed on your board, will always be seen and you’ll remember what you’re working for and what you are building up to. But, the best places to bestow this board of awesomeness are places at your home where you would normally look at, such as your room, bathroom, living room or wherever you seem to find yourself at in your home.

My experience with vision boards.

I’ve done vision boards countless times over the past years. I usually start at the beginning of the year (but really you can begin anytime, even now) and I included in my vision boards what I would like to accomplish or have the next following year or even years (like my future car and house). And, to my amazement, there were plenty of things that I’ve fulfilled that were included on my vision board. A few things that I got went from: a Nerf gun, to building better relationships with my family, my dream camera and even this golden retriever I truly prayed for. Let’s start with a simple example, this camera I wanted was something I just pasted on my board because for a long time I’ve gotten really interested in photography and I thought “hey, why not”. It took me probably two years until I actually got it through saving and help from my dad (SHOUTOUT: Thanks so much dad hahaha you’re the best).

How does it work?

It won’t happen with a flick of your finger. And, it won’t magically just appear in front of your eyes. Even though I wish it worked as easy as this, it doesn’t. But, if you have the passion and you believe and you really earn and have that deep fire of “I CAN DO IT” and “I WILL GET THERE” inside of you, then you will get there even quicker. I dare say that vision boards work alongside the lawn of attraction and this belief has been existent for quite some time already. Your thoughts and what you visualize are very important. If you focus on seeing what you want and how you see this world positively, you’ll get positive outcomes; if you see the world and what you want in a more negative way, you’re outcomes will be negative. Another way you can see a vision board is as something which is there to mentally push you and while you’re brain and the attraction is at work you need to also get up and do something to reach that goal.

How to Create One:

You’ll need:

– Your dreams, aspirations and your wants

– A board or Poster

– Some Markers (Optional)

– Glue or Tape

– Magazines or Newspapers or both

What you’ll do:

1. Cut out whatever it is that you want from the magazine like words, places you want to visit and whatever else

2. Then Paste your cut outs on your board how you would like it

3. TADA, your masterpiece is finish

Famous people who did vision board and visualizations:

Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry (started at nine years old), Beyonce, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and way more (I would continue but it would fill much space, we’ll do it another time)

You can do it 🙂

At the beginning, I didn’t truly believe that this could work. I used to think that I’m too down the rabbit hole that there was no way I could rise and achieve these targets that I saw through all the rubble. But the thing is I was able to see through all the rubble. I was able to see through the things that were obstacles and walls and just ignore them and look at that goal that shined so bright it gave a spark of hope which is all you ever need to start a flame to get there. And, I know that there are plenty things that can tear us down and we find ourselves in these situations where we get blinded by all the negativity and hopelessness, in these rabbit holes. The Vision Board that you design is there as a flag, a flag of hope, a flag which shows what you are planning and going to achieve. I can assure you that you CAN once you try. If I was able to do it then everyone can.

Everyone is given the same amount of hours in a day but the difference is how we choose to use it and what we choose to believe and see. A great example of this is Alexander Hamilton. This man was born to parents who weren’t able to marry and the streets that they walked around in were filled with whispers of how Alexander Hamilton and his brother, who were only young boys, were disgraceful and other unpleasant names. His father left them early and their mother died when a plague came. He separated from his brother and also became an orphan. He barely had anyone he could call his family. But, do you know what happened? Alexander Hamilton became one of the most well-known and greatest men in history. He worked with George Washington and he was a genius, soldier, scholar, one of the founding fathers and much more. And, even if his father had abandoned them at a young age he yearned to be reunited again as a family and show his father his wife and children. He started out with nothing at such a young age but he turned this energy to something stronger and better and he achieved so much things in life as he set his goals (one of them being: creating a strong central government) and made them come true. We all can do it. You can do it.

Stay Awesome.

Yours truly,