Visiting Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is one of London’s major tourist’s attractions. And, I am honoured to have had a chance to visit it.

Here’s a tip when planning/going to Madame Tussauds:

  1. Make sure you try to book your ticket online
    1. It’s cheaper
    2. You don’t have to line up
    3. It’s quicker
    4. It’s simpler
  2. If you decided you want to line up (like me ^_^) then you should know that:
    1. It’s a long way, it took us approximately two hours to line up
    2. You’ll get to compare your hands and feet with different people like Madame Tussaud, btw, it’s the real hand/feet size… keeps you occupied…. also, I was just a pinky smaller than Madame Tussaud
    3. Bring a book while waiting
    4. You could buy snack from the vending machines while you are in the line or you could just prepare your own 🙂
    5. Luckily, I had a friend who tagged along and it was twice as fun
    6. There will be employees who will entertain you by acting, sometimes
  3. Also, pay attention to your ticket detail, because, depending on you, you might have a choice to get to the special expeditions…. when I was roaming around, I noticed my ticket had written ‘Star Wars’ on it which meant that I had the permission to go to this special section. There will be an extra price for the special expeditions…
  4. The price to buy a ticket online is £109.
  5. Make sure you go to this attraction when you have the whole day free

Once you are done lining up, your adventure may begin!

The place was colossal! Each room has it’s own unique way of surprising you. Some rooms would be filled up with your favorite bands and actresses and the other rooms would give you the pleasure of seeing the whole royal family of London! But an important detail you need to know is that when you leave a room, you cannot return back to the previous rooms. That’s one of the rules there. So this mean take your time in each room and make sure you really take those camera shots! The sculptures are so

But you should remember that if you go to the next rooms you cannot go back, and so take time in the rooms. I got to take a picture with One Direction, which is a band, they are one of my favourite band so I was pretty happy. The funny thing was that if you lined up, like me, you would be able to see the length of their hand or foot or height! That is not the funny part… the funny part was there was a the height of Madame Tussaud and I was just a finger smaller! Ohhhhh….. when you guys visit Madame Tussaud you will be begging to go back again and again. In most of the rooms, I entered there would be a small snack, and souvenir shop so if you get hungry you could get some food. When I bought my ticket it had the word ‘Star Wars’ in it, which means you will be able to see even more than others. The scary one was terrifying! I wore my sunglasses so that I will not be able to see the scary people as much. After all the excitement we left and waited in the cafe for aunt Kristine to pick us up. Here is a list of SOME of the people I saw:

– Hulk

– Tiffany

– Wonder Woman

– Lady Gaga

– Miley Cyrus

– Yoda

So…. let’s talk about Madame Tussaud herself :)…… Anne-Marie, who is her mother, worked for Dr Philippe Curtis as a housekeeper. Marie would call Philippe her uncle. Philippe was a physician and wax sculptor and taught Tussaud how to make wax sculptors. She made her own wax sculptor in 1777 and kept going on. In the french revolution, she made wax sculptors of the prominent victims. She was born with the name Marie Grosholtz until she married Francois Tussaud in 1795, then her name changed into Madame Tussaud. She is a very interesting, awesome and creative woman who lived for 88 years. Please visit this amazing sculptor palace.