Neil Harbisson

What is he?

Neil Harbisson, born on July 27, 1982, in London, United Kingdom, is a contemporary artist and cyborg activist. Neil actually has this antenna implanted in his skull which makes him “officially” known as a cyborg. 

Why did he implant this antenna?

Neil Harbisson was born with complete color blindness. When he was studying in a music composition in England, he somehow got interested in cybernetics which he read could help him to extend senses (Sisley). He started a project with Adam Montandon to make something that would help him to sense color. The first idea was to create this third eye which then led to a better idea into making an antenna which is also similar to how other animals and insects (like bees). From then on (eight years already), he has been hearing color. Now he came from greyscale to a whole new world of colors. He says that “Each color has its own vibration” and that each vibration is felt inside the bone then through your inners which allows you to hear colors.

What does he use it for?

Well, aside from hearing colors, he gets to use it for when he drafts art, symphonies and even his own ‘Cyborg’ foundation. Did you know that he is the first cyborg artist? He is currently working on the first cyborg-focused fashion line with a space concert.

What else can his antenna do? 

Aside from hearing colors, his antenna can also perceive invisible colors like infrared and ultraviolet. What’s really cool is that from his antenna he can receive images, videos, music, phone calls or colors from space directly into his own head! 

Would you want to be part cyborg?

Yours truly,