AirBnB is very helpful. Why would I even write about AirBnB? Well, because it’s something that I want you to know about. AirBnB has great potential and it’s really helpful especially when you want to save money and see places.

What is Airbnb?

Before I begin, I just want to say that B&B has existed way before AirBnB arrived. If you don’t know what B&B means: Bed&Breakfast. So AirBnB means Airbed&Breakfast you’ll understand this better once we go into the history and the beginning of how AirBnB happened.

How Airbnb came to be…

It started when Brian Chesky was on his way to this conference in another San Fransico about designing because he figured that he would make a design company. Unfortunately, as Brian and Joe looked at the recommended hotels, everything was sold out. This was when Brian and Joe got the idea to solve a problem that they were having. They decided to make and bed and breakfast for this conference. They remembered that they learned about how creativity can help in solving problems. They both created a simple website in about 30 minutes as they spoke of their plans. They brought our some airbeds for some extra places to sleep and that’s actually how they got AirBednBreakfast.

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In order for their site to be noticed they contacted the top design bloggers and in the morning, they found themselves at the top. It was really amazing because there were different people from different places from around the world who were contacting them to stay at their living room.

This is how AirBnB was born! Their idea which they thought of in about just 2 days started being noticed and they said that “If you have an idea just put it out there”.


Competitive Advantage of AirBnB Compared to Hotels

One of the reasons as to why AirBnB has a competitive advantage towards hotels is because they are found in more places and they’re cheaper. If you look at the chart below, you would see how you can find more AirBnB properties nearly everywhere.


About the wealth being shared…

If you look at my drawing below you will notice that the money bring spent only goes to the hotel owners while the wealth in AirBnB goes back and around.

Photo on 01-07-2017 at 19.52 #2.jpg

Another Advantage…

Did you know that because of AirBnB:

  1. You get to save more
  2. Stay longer

Aaaand, when you get to save more you could do some…..

You should visit their site someday! You’ll be surprised with their prices and the locations.

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