L.O.A.S.H’s Guide to (nearly) Everything: How to Assemble a CPU Computer

Haiii, again!! Welcome to another L.O.A.S.H Guide. Together we can do this! Also, advance sorry for the poor pictures and handwriting (I was in a hurry ;D). In this particular episode, I’m going to introduce a step -by- step guide on how to assemble your own Vertical CPU Computer.

Let us begin.

For this procedure, you will be needing the following materials:

  • CPU Tower (which is technically just the case)
  • Power Supply 


  • Video Cord


  • Harddisks 


  • Fans (CPU and exhaust)


  • SATA Wire


  • CPU Intel


  • Memory or Ram (DDR – III (3))


  • Port Slot


  • Motherboard and Processor


When you’ve gathered your materials we can head on to the action. The procedure is the following:


The first thing that I did was to screw on the exhaust fan. This will help when it starts to get hot inside the CPU. You will screw the fan to the opposite side of the power button of the CPU. The area in which you will be placing this fan is inside and on this mesh looking surface.

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Time to place the Motherboard. Be careful in this step as the motherboard is kind of sensitive. The side of the motherboard should sort of stick out on the side where the exhaust fan is. This side contains like the usb port and others. Then when you feel the position is correct, screw the four sides.



Get your Power Supply and place it beside the mother board. You will see a big vacant rectangle space which you could refer to the picture. You could also move the wires from the power supply to the side (just for now) to keep it from blocking your view, we will deal with it later.


Attach the CPU to the motherboard. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to show as the the mother board I had already had a fixed CPU on it. But you can check the guide on INTEL on how to install the CPU Intell, the first seven steps show you how.


In this step, you will be installing the CPU Fan. This will be going on top of the CPU that you have just installed. If you look closely at the area of where you will be placing the fan, there are two handles where you could hook the fan. Make sure that this fan is stable by trying to move it around a bit.


STEP 6: 

For this step, you will be putting in your video card. If you look on the side of the video card, you will notice there is this place where to connect the display devices. You will have to slide this in with the mother board connection facing down. With reference from the pictures below, you will see that you need to slide it down to the one of the available port slots next to the connecting line on the mother board. I circled the location of where you will be connecting the video card to the motherboard in red at the photo slide below.

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You will have to pay close attention here because if you don’t do the wiring properly, the motherboard can fry. 

You will also be needing to look at the photos below for reference which will make it easier for you to understand. So there are 6 wires which are paired in twos. The three have the following labels on it:  H.D.D Led, Power SW and Reset SW. 

Now look at your mother board, specifically beside the video cord you placed you will see these small metal lines beside the word SPKR on the mother board. The wire colour order you will be following is: R(ed) W(hite) O(range) W(hite) W(hite) B(lue). Reference again is down below at the picture slide. The white and blue wires will be going in front of the R W O W, it (W & B) will be a row in front.

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More wiring here, guys. 

This time, the wiring will be for the power supply. Hold up the wires for the power supply and first get the Main Power Connector. This is the longest connector you’ll see among the other wires. Also, there is a small connector which you will need to combine to the bigger connector. Now, from the guide from my pictures you will notice where you will be needing to place this connector.

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We are so closeeeeeee!! 

Okay, so here we will be installing the hard drives. I have two because the other one is a backup hard drive. Just for your information, the back up hard drive is 500GB while the other main hard drive is only 250GB. I would recommend to have a back up hard drive but if you don’t have any right now, it is okay. 

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Anyways, to install the hard drive, first things first is to screw it in it’s rightful place. If you are looking at everything

I borrowed this picture but I encircled the area in which I would recommend to place the main hard drive.

from above, you will notice that there is this compartment for hard drives. Try putting the main hard drive on the very left side (closer to the mother board) while keeping the back up hard drive on the very right side. Make sure that you screw on the main hard drive properly and that it is not sticking beside the back up hard drive because it could cause malfunctioning.

STEP 10:

This time, we will be placing in the memory or ram. Just a precaution before doing this step, the RAM is very sensitive so take extra caution when handling it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.15.54 PM.png If you look at this picture, you will notice that the area to connect the Memory to the Mother board is already named, RAM. All you have to do is place it properly into the connection area (which is the same place called RAM in the picture). Make sure that it properly fits in before you push it in slightly hard. You will know that it is in when you hear a click and it is locked in. The sides will automatically lock in the RAM once pushed with a good amount of force. When you are finished putting in both of the RAM, you have completed step 10.

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Take a 5 minute break if you have to 🙂

STEP 11:

I’d say this is probably one of the easiest steps. 

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Get you SATA wire and connect one end to the main hard drive and the other end to the SATA1 on the mother board. This will be like playing eye spy on the mother board. And, that’s all!

STEP 12:

Hey, remember one of our first steps was screwing in the exhaust fan? Well, you will need to plug it in somewhere to make it function so now is the time to do that. Get the wire connected to the fan and connect it to the CHA1_FAN labelled on the motherboard.


In this step, you will also need to plug in the speaker. This is a simple task. Just attach it to the mother board. This is a row in front of the colour coded wiring we did at step 7.


STEP 13: 

Screw in the port slot to seal and mobilise the video card. 


20 more steps to go! Just kidding XD. WE ARE DONEEEE!!! I hope you got to follow through the steps and procedure. If you have any questions or if you are confused with some of the steps please just comment down below!

Yours truly,