Future (magic) Charger: Charge for seconds, last for weeks

Have you ever experienced going somewhere with your phone but then ten minutes later you go low batt? Those times can be terrible especially if you need to inform someone of something or you wanted to take pictures and stuff like that. But, can you imagine if you had a charger which could charge in seconds and last for a week? Sounds like a miracle, actually.

Also, have you been in the situation where you phone charger just doesn’t seem to be working? Well, it’s because of a normal battery inside a phone, which is a lithium battery, only has the capacity to charge to around 1,500 times before it starts to slow down and charge to about 70% of their original capacity. So, professors, such as Nitin Choudhary, have been devising a plan to replace these lithium batteries with supercapacitors.

Have you ever opened the back of you iPhone or any phone whatsoever to check on your battery? Well, if you haven’t then I just want to explain to you that it’s not that large. The reason you need to know this is because the first problem of the researchers who are trying to invent this new technology fast charger was that the supercapacitors were too large. So, what they did was make their supercapacitors with tiny wire that were nanometre think. This helped them to cope up with the size. I don’t know, maybe you are trying to make something similar to this and you have a similar problem….. might help.

They are still tackling their way into making into a safe, fast and reliable kind of charger. As you might have known, because of the super fast way it charges it tends to overheat and in some cases explode, just like the galaxy note 7. I’ll update you guys if it’s already made and ready to be given out!!!

Yours truly,