L.O.A.S.H’s Guide to (nearly) Everything: How to Predict the… FUTURE!

So, as said in the title, today I will be teaching you “How to Predict the… FUTURE!” with the help of prior knowledge. Oh, you know, predicting the future would just be extremely cool part to add to your skill set.

Let’s start.

To predict someone from saying or doing stuff or something that will happen, we will have to observe. For example:

“HEY, I TOLD YOU WE WERE IN A HURRY!” Will shouts as soon as he sees Max. “WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG?! YOU WERE DAYDREAMING AGAIN, WEREN’T YOU?! Don’t you remember that I told you that he has very important customers today!? I’m really considering firing you!”

From what Will is saying, you will notice that he is mad and shouting a lot. To predict the future in this situation, this is what you will have to think like (well, at least similar to this):


Step 1:

Identify and check the details from the text:

Will shouts at Max and even threatens him.

Step 2:

Use prior knowledge:

Workers, like Max, will tend to carry out their bosses’ instructions, especially when scolded.

Step 3:

Prediction time:

Max will run back to the restaurant and start working and serving customers.

Step 4:


So after you’ve made your prediction, you should verify and check.


Wasn’t that fun? So you could use this technique to try to predict the future. With more practice the better! So below I will be giving you guy a text for you to read and before proceeding to the answer, think of an answer yourself first.

Percy Jackson (in case you don’t know him he is a fictional character who is known as a demigod, a hero and usually spends his time hunting and fighting monsters. His powers include: controlling water, making hurricanes and breathing underwater) was sleeping on a ship going on a short journey. Suddenly, when the ship was nearly to their destination, rain started to pour, merciless and sudden, and fill the ship! All of a sudden it began to….

So comment down below on what you think happened! Thanks for reading this! And, remember Identification of details from the text, the use of prior knowledge and finally your prediction. 

Yours truly,


One thought on “L.O.A.S.H’s Guide to (nearly) Everything: How to Predict the… FUTURE!

  1. All of a sudden it began to…. (details from text)

    Fly, because Percy was riding the Argus II, his flying boat built by his friend Leo Valdez! (use of prior knowledge!) And he and his friend Jason Grace used their powers to stop the storm. (my prediction!) What grade are you again?


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