Do Fish Feel Pain?

Would you still go fishing for fun if fish could scream in pain and cry? Would you still go fishing for fun if you knew fish could feel pain? I’ve come by quite a few articles mentioning that fish do not feel pain as they do not have enough brain power. Would you believe this? 

Lynne Sneddon is a researcher working at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh who believes that fish, in fact, do feel pain. She also mentioned that they have quite a similar stress response when compared to humans. Dr. Sneddon has then come to the conclusion that when a hook impales their lip or mouth it causes them to feel pain because of the destruction of tissue. Okay, fine, maybe destruction was an over reaction but seriously I think it would be weird if a fish wouldn’t feel anything even though they are being hooked.

Let’s get science-y.

Since Dr. Sneddon knew that even though she and her team discovered the same receptors that mammals have that warn the brain of things that could harm them in a trout it wouldn’t be enough. It’s proof, but not strong enough evidence. She then took it to step two. Dr. Sneddon experimented on a trout by injecting the fish with damaging substances. Dr. Sneddon then claimed that the fish, after three hours, started to perform in an anomalous behavior.

Even with these findings, it took some convincing. Fortunately, a corporation which is known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals immediately took in the research and even mentioned that it’s really unfortunate as people cannot see it’s obvious that fish feel pain.

Do you believe that they feel pain? But what draws people to believe that they have no brain, like Professor James D. Rose and Bruno (Mars, just kidding) Broughton (biologist and scientific advisor), is that they believe that they “technically don’t have a brain”.

Pick your side and comment down below! I think that fish do feel pain, by the way, even though they don’t have the capacity to scream in agony (although this would be weird).

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