Business Basic: Verbal & Non – Verbal

When you are meeting someone either “strictly” business or just meeting an old pal, there are two ways we communicate with each other. These two ways are verbal and non – verbal.


You communicate with sounds and words to express yourself. For example, when you reply to someone when asked something you say “no” which is verbal communication.

Non – Verbal:

With this type of communication, you use facial expressions, hand gestures, and tone of voice. For example, when you are explaining something (with verbal communication) you can use your hands.

And, you may not notice it but when we speak with each other, we tend to use both non – verbal and verbal communication. And, the most interesting thing is how one word could mean different things with the way you speak and act.

An example:

You come into class and you say “How were you day, Sierra (random friend)?”

Sierra could say “It was great.”

By the way she says it you will know the real meaning. For example, if she said it in a fast and giddy manner like “It was great!!!” with a smile whipped across her face, you’ll get the meaning that she was really great. If Sierra said “It was great.” in an annoyed tone probably followed by rolling of eyes, the signal you would be getting is sarcasm and probably having a bad day and is not in the mood to joke around.

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