The L.O.A.S.H Movie Critic: Kung Fu Yoga (#funny)

It has Jackie Chan. It was an incredible and amazing film. It’s hard to describe with words and I would suggest for you to just watch it. Even though there are fighting scenes none of them include blood or anything gory.

Personally, I always enjoyed the movies that Jackie Chan played in as the movies he acted in were never serious or intense yet you can still learn a lot in the most funniest ways. Kung Fu Yoga teaches you a lot about the history of China and India and it even explains it in a very understandable and funny way. Jackie Chan acts as one of the best archaeologists in China.

The movie then brings you from a cave exploration looking for a treasure with the Indian Princess to a bunch of the professor’s (Jackie Chan) students being trapped by female hyenas. The ending included Jackie Chan and the other actors and actresses dancing in one of Jaipur’s underground golden ‘palaces’ filled with boxes of scrolls. They even included the whole cast plus the people who helped in the filmmaking to dance Indian style. The movie gives you a lot of thought to it and helps you to understand different perspectives and I hope you enjoy it!

Yours truly,