Some Basic Geography….. + A bit of Greek = Awesomeness

Basically, Geo is Greek for Earth and graphia is Greek for description. So, that’s your lesson for Greek today. You now have my permission to go to Greek land.

Now that we’ve covered that 5 seconds of randomness up there, it’s time to learn more about Geography. Even though I’m not much of a science subject kinda person I seem to enjoy learning more about the Earth that we live. And, although, our Earth is just like a tiny speck in the big, humungous, gigantic and vast universe, it is our home. *Thinks about Horton Hears a Who (A movie you SHOULD watch if you haven’t yet)*

Geography is commonly divided into two MAJOR branches, which are:


The physical geography is the branch where they study around the Earth’s physical environments like mountains and rivers. To simply put it, physical geography is the study of the Earth’s features. Not only do they study what the Earth’s features are but they go to the extent on explaining why it is the way it is. Meaning: Why did this form? How this is happen? Where did it come from?


We are humans. And, human geography is simple the study of our human environments, including, our cities, our farms, and other things that humans do that has an affect or influence of the earth. This study attempts to explain, describe, discover the reasons how human activities modify, change and produce both the human and physical landscapes

See! That was quick, right? Just keep in mind….

Physical Geography =

The study of Earth’s: Plate tectonic; Climate; Shape; Oceans and seas; Soil; Species. And, how these Earth’s features came to be.

Human Geography +

The study of human impact and behaviour, such as: religion, language, government, standards of living,population, historical geography, cities and built-up areas.

So, we’ve tackled the MAJOR branches of Geography I just want to add in that human geography and physical geography are sort of entangled because when we humans build cities and malls and farms, we sort of change the physical geography. Like, when we make a farm, we have to clear some land. When we make houses out wood, we destroy some parts of the forests. And, this is what saddens me most. The Earth is our home, it’s the very thing we live on (literally) and we just seem to be carried away when we chop down forests. When we chop down forests, we endanger different species. When we chop down forests we are killing the green lungs of the earth. We should stop this. We should all put our heads together and think of more ways to stop destroying nature and our earth, our home.

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