Understanding a book: Points of Views

This is, once again, from the Well – Educated Mind.

In several books and stories, you will encounter the different types of views and aspects. And, to fully comprehend a book, I suggest the best idea is to understand from which and angle and what view are you reading from. I’m going to introduce to you the 5 basic points of views:

  1. First – Person:
    1. Uses “I”
    2. Immediate but limited point of view
    3. Hear the thoughts of this character
    4. Only see the story through the eyes of this character
    5. You will only know the facts this certain character is aware of
  2. Second – Person:
    1. Uses “You”
    2. Not commonly used in books
    3. More commonly used in interactive stories or adventure games
    4. Keeps you, the reader, closely acquainted & involved with the story
    5. Cutting reflection of the past
  3. Third – Person:
    1. Also known as, third – person subjective
    2. Uses he or she
    3. A bit of distance from story
    4. Different points of view of different characters
    5. Multiple perspectives
  4. Third – Person Objective
    1. Tells story from a far and distant perspective
    2. Narrator sees everything like hovering over the whole story world
    3. Narrator cannot describe what the characters are thinking or feeling
  5. Omniscient Point of View
    1. Not commonly used in this century
    2. More commonly used in the 19th century
    3. The write makes you see and hear everything most commonly described as a god

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