How to Paint Like Picasso: Waterfall Scenery 

This guide will help you to not end up just staring at a blank canvas all day.

How to have an amazing artwork can be a simple but delicate process if you follow the steps accordingly. So, today, we will be painting what picture that suits your eyes. Before you start painting, you will need a picture or another painting which you will want. I picked a waterfall because I really liked the setting and when I looked into the painting I seemed to calm down. Now before you start getting your creativity out, you should first gather all of your materials, such as:

  1. Canvas
  2. Painting/picture you would like to paint
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Paint
  5. Pencil



Now let’s do everything step – by – step:

  1. Gather all your materials
  2. Outline on your plain canvas the shapes of the terrain (by the way, this will not have to be perfect as it will be covered later on with paint.)
  3. Prepare your paint
  4. Mix colors together to get the color of the scenery (the sky, the water)
  5. Paint on your canvas alternating going left 👈 and right 👉

It also really depends on what you are painting but this helps to guide you painting skills. I was never good at drawing and paint and all that stuff but you will surprise yourself. Embrace your inner painter guys!! Keep practicing.

Yours truly,