Disappearing Sea Creatures

Have you swam in the beach or gone snorkelling? Have you seen the schools of fishes which comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Have you seen a dolphin splashing around or whales sharks being fed with plankton? Some of these I’ve seen mostly through photos and videos but the things I have seen made me feel like I never wanted to leave them. Being underwater with a helmet on your head and the fishes just doing what they do is stunning. Being underwater brings you into another world which seems, sometimes, unreal. This shouldn’t ever leave.

Do you like sushi?

Somewhere in the early 20th century, our ocean held thousands of marine life which included plants and animals which were easy to find and much, much cheaper than today. Some fishes being the most popular and easiest “catch of the day” are now becoming rarer. And, according to a research by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund),

The evidence, analysed by researchers at the Zoological Society of London, paints a troubling picture. In addition to the plummeting number of marine vertebrate species, populations of locally and commercially fished fish species have fallen by half, with some of the most important species experiencing even greater declines.

These findings coincide with the growing decline of marine habitats, where the deforestation rate of mangroves exceeds even the loss of forests by 3-5 times; coral reefs could be lost across the globe by 2050; almost one-third of all seagrasses have been lost.

And, recently, there have been a lot of fish die-offs. Most researcher, who are on the case to find out why fish keep ending up on the shore, lifeless, report that the reason for this terrible event is because the fish are being suffocated as the oxygen levels in the ocean is depleting. Our living blue planet is dying. Did you know that 71% of the earth is covered with water? And, did you know, that 91% of the 71% of water is in the ocean?  We’ve discovered 1,000,000 types of species in the ocean, while scientist speculates that there are 9,000,000 more species that await their discovery. Can you imagine if we’ve removed the life of the species we’ve never even seen yet?

Unfortunately, the Green Bumphead Parrotfish and the Humphead Wrasse just two of the biggest fish that have swum around the corals and waters of Philippines are declining over the past years. And, sadly, according to TakePart, the oceans elephants are dying.

The marine life dying is a result of prices of seafood rising through the roof, fishermen work hard and longer while receiving usually less than usual.

We need to help our planet. We need to help our ocean. We need to help our marine life. Let’s start by:

  • Spreading the word
  • Prevent oil spills
  • Stop littering
  • Stop dynamite fishing
  • Stop illegal fishing
  • Stop microbeads
  • Support organisations which help the ocean
  • Educate others

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