How to Predict Rain

For years, we’ve been noticing there were just those random times in the day where a troop of ants and mosquitos and bugs would just start popping up in our houses. You’ve experienced those times, right? I never took notice just thinking it was normal but every time they popped up, it was followed by really strong rains. Just yesterday, when we were cleaning up the house, there were ants rummaging through our food and mosquitos started biting, it was painful. As we closed the light and went to sleep, there was heavy rains outside but no wind. To stop the mosquitos from biting us and making the excruciating pain fade, we applied some Tea Tree Water from Lush and Tea Tree Toner from Body Shop. Aside from the fact we left the windows wide open, they don’t usually come in often and start biting they only do it when they know something’s coming.

You would usually see this but in the house, followed by longer trails of ants.

These brand might be a bit pricey so you can also use just Tea Tree cream. The tea tree really helped us and I suggest to use it in these situations. Moving on, the reason to why ants can “predict” the weather is the because they can feel the barometric or atmospheric pressure better than we humans can, and this is also known as the “weight of the air”. Although people have created their own barometer device, ants have it built in them. If they feel that there is low pressure in the air, that means it will lead to poor weather. You can learn more about bugs connecting to the weather here

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