Hackers life: The Hats

Let’s say most people get the sense that when you are a hacker, then you’re bad. But, this isn’t true. Hackers are often people who want to learn and discover new things. And, these hackers are mostly categorized into three colored ‘hats’: Black hat, White hat, and Grey hat. But, there are also other hackers called: Script Kiddie, Green Hat, Red Hat, and Blue Hat.


Black Hats: The ‘Bad’ Hacker                                                                                                         Black Hat hackers are the people who hack other information, illegally or without permission. Black hat hackers steal personal information, such as credit card numbers, and sell this data to the black market or identity thieves. These hackers break into other secure networks breaking them down, destroying everything and stealing the data. These are the real computer criminals. There was this cyber – criminal, Albert Gonzalez, who was accused of having “masterminded” the biggest ATM in history! He was said to have “allegedly sold more than 170 million card and ATM numbers”, and he is known to be the one of the top 10 Notorious Black Hat Hacker! That is a lot of money stolen. Imagine, there are so many more malicious black hats out there, like the 16 – year – old black hacker called Jonathan James who stole a software which was worth over $1.7 million. He was the first ever juvenile to go jail for cybercrime in the US.

It mentioned in Country Detail, the top country with the most hackers is China and that has “41% of world’s attack traffic”. When researcher came over to China discovering and pointing out that the “ organized hacker network” found including some people from the military, the government, and the media denied, of course. Hmmmmmm, interesting.

White Hats: The Ethical                                                                                                                        As you can see from the name above these White Hat Hackers are the complete opposite of a Black Hat. They hack the ethical way. White Hats are usually hired by companies or someone to hack into their system and help them to improve their safe wall before other malicious hackers do it.  So, they use somewhat the same hacking methods when going through a system as a Black Hat, but you know, legally. Have you ever wondered where they got the name? Well, it dates back to before when the good ‘cops’ where white hats and bad guys wear black hats. Like in the old Western movies. People can always change their minds, for example, here is a ‘report’ of one of the top famous white hat hacker:
“Mitnick started as a black-hat hacker and ended up serving time after hacking into some of the biggest companies in the world. Now he has left the dark side and works as a consultant and a writer. His own hacking experience gives him hands-on expertise. An article by TakeDown.com reports that Mitnick’s early hacking days were ambitious and largely successful.


“As a teenage prank in 1982, he allegedly broke into a North American Air Defence Command computer in Colorado Springs, Colo. He once altered a phone program to misdirect federal agents trying to trace his call, sending them barging into the home of a Middle Eastern immigrant watching television,” states the article. We’re all glad he’s on the good side now.”

Grey Hats: “……Flabbergasted……”                                                                                                   These hackers are somewhere in between. Like when you mix black and white paint on a wooden painting board, and you get gray. Makes sense, right? Anyways, on to the real information, these hackers are not the bad people but they aren’t completely the good hackers either. They hack other people’s systems sometimes violating some rules but with less malicious intent than Black Hats. But, when Grey Hats hack a system and find a sort of fault or a security flaw, they, usually, inform the owner(s) of the system. They sell the secrets but not to the black market but to the government. To earn a little side money, they sometimes ‘blackmail’ the owner of the system threatening to show the whole world their secrets. Honestly, I am amazed by a Grey Hat named Zdziarski. He helped the FBI when he aided them in retrieving the passcode of the iPhone of Rizwan Farook, one of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack, after 3 months of Rizwan’s death during multiple gun shots of the police. While the FBI were busy trying to unlock the phone, they paid over 1.3 million dollars but said the ‘unknown’ third party helped them. You can read the behind-the-scenes of the San Bernardino in Zdziarski’s blog through his perspective and his mind and what he thought of.


Kiddie Scripts: “Eh….”                                                                                                                        

Let’s put it as ‘lazy’ hackers. A kiddie script doesn’t want to learn and just wants to get scripts and codes out of youtube and books. imgres-1The norm for them is flooding an IP with loads of information it just collapses on itself. So, basically, they use other developers programs to attack other peoples computer system instead of learning.



Green Hats                                                                                                                                               This type of hacker is someone who strives for perfection, well, strives to become a full-blown authentic hacker. A Green Hat loves to learn more and more about hacking and would listen very attentively. Unlike, Kiddie Scripts, they are more interested and want to learn.

Blue Hats: “Revenge!”                                                                                                                      These hackers are the ones who want to get revenge on someone who has made fun of them or maddens them. Blue Hat hackers are still Noobz and have no desire to learn how to hack, like a Kiddie Script.

Red Hats                                                                                                                                                         These Red Hat hackers are somewhat like a white hacker but takes the problems into their own hands. When they find a bad black hacker, instead of informing anyone, they fill the black hats computer with so many viruses which sometimes forces the hacker to buy a new computer.

There are so many things happening behind someone computer, it’s almost invisible to everyone. Hacking is a skill; Hackers are the experts. Well, most of them at least. Comment down below on what hacker would you want to be unless you aren’t one already.

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