Global Warming: “I got to see snow… before it all goes….”

I watched a documentary called ‘Before the Flood‘ where Leonardo Dicaprio goes to the different places around the world meeting locals, Pope Francis, president Obama, scientists and more talking about global warming and its effect. When he went to Greenland, he saw the state that it was in. Almost everywhere was in a melt mode andimages.jpg large patches of water were found just slowly transforming from ice to water. Leonardo was surprised by the sudden, and violent, formed rivers leading to the ocean. Also, what touched me was all the animals and people living in Greenland, and what will happen to them. Imagine, a portion of the narwhales, polar bears, wolves and more will lose their homes and most likely not survive. This is just one of the many damages and problems that global warming brings us today. Leonardo even mentioned something like, ‘If they took global warming more serious before then these problems wouldn’t be so harsh’, these were not his exact words. And, did you know that if the whole of Greenland melted then that can cause the sea to rise by almost 20 feet!!images.jpg

While in a conversation with president Obama, they mentioned to each other about how they want their children and grandchildren to see the glaciers and snowy mountains. And then I think to myself “I want to see snow too…”. It would be very terrible if everything melts. Everything, in my perspective, will be chaotic. The people living near the shores will have a very difficult time and a lot of people will lose their way of making money from fishing. What solutions do you think they can try?


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