Codecademy: Joining the team

Let’s start from the top. What is Code Academy? Well, it’s a site which helps you to code. Simple. People have written and shared their stories on the Code Academy ‘wall’. Those same people started from zero experience to having their website in the ’50 best website’ at the time; those same people became a lawyer to an IOS developer and having a new career at 55. These are just a few of the benefits people earn from learning and studying and working at the Code Academy site.

As I scanned the screen for the ‘Jobs’ site at Code Academy, there were all sorts of positions opened up for different people. Such as, a Codeacademy mentor, Design Intern, Product designer, Software Engineer and more. The people who have recently applied and worked for Codeacademy learn to work alone and together. The benefits are:

  • Medical, dental, & vision insurance
  • Daily catered lunches with the team
  • Paid vacation days & time off
  • Private speaker series with leading internet figures
  • Generous equipment budget

When I tried learning in Codeacademy, I was very excited. I started out from HTML & CSS, Python and JQuery,images and I was very surprised from the progress I was going through. The mentors teach with such passion and you can really understand it better. I highly suggest you to try learning, you never know, you just might be the next best programmer.