Birth of Life


You’ve asked at least one time how life started right? Even to yourself? Do you ever wonder if you’re related to everyone you see but they’re just like far, far relatives? That question has popped up in my head quite a few times. Let’s see, the beginning of life itself? Kind of hard to explain.

According to scientists, who aren’t even sure when life began, they just make up different stories on how life started, or theories. And, from my source, Live Science, I’ve collected a few theories on how life as we know it began:

Theory 1:

“Electric Spark

Lightning may have provided the spark needed for life to begin. Electric sparks can generate amino acids and sugars from an atmosphere loaded with water, methane, ammonia and hydrogen, as was shown in the famous Miller-Urey experiment reported in 1953, suggesting that lightning might have helped create the key building blocks of life on Earth in its early days. Over millions of years, larger and more complex molecules could form. Although research since then has revealed the early atmosphere of Earth was actually hydrogen-poor, scientists have suggested that volcanic clouds in the early atmosphere might have held methane, ammonia and hydrogen and been filled with lightning as well.”

Theory 2:

“Community Clay

The first molecules of life might have met on clay, according to an idea elaborated by organic chemist Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. These surfaces might not only have concentrated these organic compounds together but also helped organise them into patterns much like our genes do now.

The main role of DNA is to store information on how other molecules should be arranged. Genetic sequences in DNA are essentially instructions on how amino acids should be arranged in proteins. Cairns-Smith suggests that mineral crystals in clay could have arranged organic molecules into organised patterns. After a while, organic molecules took over this job and organised themselves.”

Theory 3:

“Deep-Sea Vents

The deep-sea vent theory suggests that life may have begun at submarine hydrothermal vents spewing key hydrogen-rich molecules. Their rocky nooks could then have concentrated these molecules together and provided mineral catalysts for critical reactions. Even now, these vents, rich in chemical and thermal energy, sustain vibrant ecosystems.”

So those are just a few of the many ideas scientist and other people have put into our system. imagesMost of the theory’s I’ve looked at all sounded ludicrous it was difficult to even think it was real. How do people think that we started out as small molecules suddenly bursting into life out of the gases in our earth’s atmosphere and some other stuff? Comment down below what you think about these theories and if you have any theories on how the world began your self.