At lunch time, we met a businessman from Switzerland who was explaining to us about the active problem with Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Syria, Nigeria and more. Things have been very intense recently. Huge amounts of refugees from Syria and Nigeria have been trying to enter Switzerland or cross through it to enter Germany or Holland. Every since the war that occurred four years ago, Switzerland has taken 9,000 Syrian refugees! But now, the people of Switzerland are deciding to slow down the flow of refugees and immigrant entering to have control.

Hundreds of people from Nigeria have been trying to get through Switzerland but they have been denied for the access because of the lack of papers needed.imgres.jpg So as a result to this, the refugees are getting more problems, they don’t want to go back to their country as to the danger that awaits them there and they are having a major problem being stuck in Italy as they cannot get jobs either  because they cannot speak Italian or they don’t have the papers which allow them to work. Even the Italian people want to leave and work abroad because a lot of the young generation of Italy don’t have the proper papers to work either.

Going back to the refugees who are having conflicts in their original country, they are starving and some don’t want to go to the asylum. While those who are waiting to pass through Switzerland are waiting in lake Como a supposed ‘hideaway’ for celebrities, the swiss authorities are still on guard. How will these hundreds of refugees survive waiting sleepless nights on train platforms in such bad conditions? What will be the final decision for the Swiss? Will they allow more immigrants and refugees in? Wait for my next blog to learn more! And write down what you think about everything that is happening and how can people make things better.