Robots are taking over(?)…

Have you seen the countless movies when the robot or AI (Artificial Intelligence) takes over? Well, that may be happening soon because many jobs are replacing human with robots. I guess it may sound cool as if we are transforming our world into one of those futuristic movies but there is a big downside to it.


Our robots or machines are usually labeled “perfect” by most and when doing a job it won’t mess up….right? Also, since a robot stays a robot that means no quarreling at work! There will be no affection that will take place and robots don’t need sleep which means they could work 24/7, which helps a company or hotel or something to earn extra money with the same staff without any added payments to shifts.

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to have these robots to slowly start becoming our receptionist to our librarian to our doctors. Aside from the fact that robots perfected the serious face and move in a different way we humans are normal too, I think that the idea of making robots aid us in our progressive society to up our game.

Unfortunately, we have to reconsider the idea of replacing all jobs with robots. Because those people who work day and night would lose their jobs to these perfect smooth metallic-faced machine which might just end up in fights. If more people lose their jobs, a lot of men and women will have an even harder challenge in finding a way to support their family.

There are a lot of people who don’t get the education to learn programming, astrology or to become a doctor and sometimes those people choose to do more simpler jobs. And, those simpler jobs, could be a receptionist, which robots have already taken over.

There are now a few farms which are being replaced with robots. And, even just one small farm being taken over by robots make huge differences to farmers. If people want to use robots, they should use it to do dangerous jobs like mining or construction.

We need to find a way to help our people, first.

Yours truly,