Gap Year: Pros and Cons

What is a gap year (A.K.A a sabbatical year )?

Usually, it’s a year after finishing high school and before college where you take your time off school. Yay. But, it originated in “United Kingdom in the 1970’s as a way to fill the 7 or 8 month gap between final exams and the beginning of university. The intention in the UK for that time was to contribute to the development of the student usually through an extended international experience.” (Source: A.G.A). After United Kingdom started the gap year, America then followed.

There are various reasons for a student to take a gap year.


One of the reasons a student would go on a gap year would be to have more work experience. For example, if a student were to try various types of jobs and learn from it, the experiences that the student has learned will be added to his/her resume, and, since a student has already the experience in working in different places, it will be simpler for the student to adapt when he starts working after school.


Aside from work, students just want to have fun and travel. Some students just want to check new places, learn new languages and meet new friends!!! Just stay away from super over – friendly dudes. Also, the feeling of traveling and being ‘free’ (for an amount of time) from school and studies and just checking out the world could give the student an idea of a place or country he/she may want to stay in the future. But, remember, you won’t be pulled into a magical place where it’s easy to travel and all, nothing is free. Save up now for your future gap years. ^__^


Another reason for taking a gap year is ticking some of those boxes of your bucket list! Explore. Most of the students that take the sabbatical year also choose to push their limits and take chances. Students get this push to take risks and explore their options when they are alone and feel adventurous. Just make sure you will be prepared in an accident, that will be some of the consequences! Be aware of your surroundings (and, maybe, even learn some first aid and self – defence before going out into the world).



So, would you want to take a gap year? Why? Some people say that it is better for a student to go on a gap year before college to learn new things and find out (maybe) what they want to do in the world.