The Layers of the Sea

There are five layers of the sea which were all named by scientist. Firstly, is the top layer called Sunlight Layer (or Epipelagic zone). This layer ranges from 0m to 200m and is filled with mostly tuna fish, sea turtles, mackerel, jellyfish and even sharks! It’s a bit more difficult for sea creatures in the sunlight zone to hide but most of these sea creatures have a special something calle countershading which helps them to blend the light and dark. While I was swimming with my sisters in the beach I’ve noticed some fish that were see-through. I was flabbergasted.

Secondly, is the Twilight zone (or Mesopelagic zone). This zone is slightly darker than the Sunlight zone and it looks way spookier. Is this area, you can find bristlemouth, swordfish, squid, wolf eels, cuttlefish and more.

Thirdly, the Midnight zone, it starts to become really dark and cold in this level. The creatures that were found here are algae, anemones, anglerfish, arrow worm, cookie-cutter shark, copepods, crabs and other crustaceans, ctenophores, dinoflagellates, fangtooth, lanternfish (Myctophids), mussels, nudibranchs, vampire squid, segmented worms, siphonophores, swallower fish and a lot more. It can’t imagine what it would be like to swim around there looking for new creatures.

Fourth, the Abyss zone, it goes deep to 13,124 feet and the second to the last zone. Fish here are anglerfish, deep sea jellyfish, deep sea shrimp, cookiecutter shark, tripod fish, and dumbo octopus. Finally, I couldn’t wait to finally tell you what they found in the Trench. One of the weirdest water creature that I thought that they found is the Blob fish. It pretty much looks like an old face, which most people call ugly. It really can’t move, it just stays there till the food come to them and they can really just get eaten up by one scoop. Scientists, though, are fearing that these blob fishes will soon get wiped out due to its deep ocean trawling. Also, before I finish just want to tell you that the deepest creature that they’ve seen, you know since they haven’t went super deep yet, is a snailfish.

– Yours truly, L.O.A.S.H

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