Solar Power: Saving People Through Birth

Dr. Laura Satchel and her husband has designed a solar power in a suitcase which includes batteries, solar panels, extensions,  essential medical devices, surgical lighting and more to help women specifically through birth. Dr. Satchel looked for the reason why so many woman have been dying in Uganda by child birth. When she visited the hospital and saw the unreliable source of light she knew she just had to do something. One time while she was aiding a women to give birth the lights turned off in the middle of the night and all they had was her flashlight. Dr. Satchel decided, when she got home, with her husband who worked with solar panels to make a device in a suitcase to help with the lighting. When she returned back to Uganda, everyone was happy and thanked her. Slowly more people started asking if they could also receive one of these suitcases. Soon, she started delivering her product worldwide. People knows her as a superhero and a lifesaver.

I really feel as though she really helped a lot of women. She made it easier for people to do c-section in the dark because of her product, We Care Solar.

– Yours truly, L.O.A.S.H