Science Hour

“The science today is the technology of tomorrow.” Edward Teller

Science. Is. Awesome! Right?

I started to read the book Exploring Creating with Physical Science, again, and it started the first chapter with the basic things, like:

Atom – Smallest chemical unit in the matter. Nobody has yet seen this but there is proof it exists. It was the British Physicist, J. J. Thompson, who first discovered the parts of an atom. That’s some interesting science.

Molecule – Is made up of 2 or more atoms linked together creating a unique property

Concentrate – Quantity of a substance with a certain volume. You’ve heard of second – hand smoking right? Do you believe that second – hand smoking affects you or not? Well, my thought is that it doesn’t. Apparently, when someone smokes he already takes in all the concentrated poison that the cigar emits when lighted. When the smoke exit his mouth or the cigar it mixes with the air around and kind of diffuses it, which makes it barely affect you if ever it even does affect you.

Aside from learning that, I found out the numerical meaning for the prefixes –>

  • Centi, 0.1
  • Milli, .001
  • Kilo, 1000

and, the and objects, volume, length and mass in the metric unit and English unit:

  • Volume

Meter Unit = Liter

English Unit = Gallon

  • Length

Meter Unit = Meter

English Unit = Foot

  • Mass

Meter Unit = Gram

English Unit = Slug (Weird. Also, barely used.)


– Yours truly, L.O.A.S.H