Water, Lightning and Thunder


Water, you can basically find it almost everywhere. It is essential that we drink water. Honestly, a person who has zero water in them would not function. 65% of our body is made of water. Blood plasma is also mainly water. Water is one of the important aspects of living. We got that covered. So, did you know that 71% of the earth covered in water? You can find most of the water that the earth holds in the ocean, which b4e2b5d77e3dd309e8d739cd34af9cfa
carries 96.5% of all earth’s water. Of course. Also, the water that the earth has, never changes its amount. It just moves around by the process of evaporation. Rain. When you see a puddle, for example, then the next day it’s gone, it either evaporated and drizzled a
way to another place or went down the sewers. Well, I think you understand the utmost importance that water has for us. And, that water helps animals, plants, and other living creatures alive. The water in the ocean, sea and lakes helps people for a living, to fish and survive. Water. Is. Paramount.

Lightning and Thunder

BOOM. CRACK. Have you ever wondered where lightning comes from? Well, it all starts with the type of cloud called Cumulonimbus. This cloud usually means “Thunderstorm with rain!”, or “Snow!” or “Hail!”. But since I live in near the equator it really just means “TAKE COVER! THUNDERSTORMS!”, well, you know, just less dramatic. Anyways, when air currents movie the water and ice particles inside it starts to build up static lightning-storm-animated-gif-5electricity. Later on, the static electricity shifts to electricity and you’ll see a spark or flash of lightning. Soon, this lightning follows with a loud BOOMING sound which we call thunder. You might wonder why it takes so long to hear the BOOM sound And, I know way to count how far away this thunderstorm is by counting the seconds the thunder comes after the lightning strikes. For every 5 seconds, the distance is about 2km.

I have a question just out of the blue. What do you think would happen if a tornado goes to a volcano? Comment down below what you think!

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