Summary: Lord of the Flies

William Golding, in 1939, came to teaching english and literature. Through World War II he was with his family in the Royal Nazi continuing as a teacher and writing a book called Lord of the Flies, he, according to cliff notes, used his perception of humanity with his years of experience with schoolboys. This book was reject 21 times by 21 different publishers before it got a successful print.

The book started out with a young boy. They didn’t say his name. They didn’t explain much, as if trying to create some suspense. He met another young boy who was a fat and trying to catch with the first character. The two young boys started to have a similar pace in their walk while the second boy was trying to spark a conversation. They finally revealed the names, piggy (the fat one) and Ralph, while they tried escaping the hot sort of forest they found theirselves in. While they looked for an exit out, Ralph learned about piggy’s asthma and how he lives with his grandmother when they came across a beach.

Later on, they find a conch, in the water, which they use to signal other survivors. Ralph blows this conch several times, for Piggy proclaims he can’t because of his asthma, and a few moScreen Shot 2016-10-30 at 2.42.50 PM.pngre boys start peering out of the forest. The first person who came towards the sound was a young six year old, Jonathan, who seemed to be relieved to find more survivors. Soon enough there was a bunch of other boys lining up behind the six year old.

The book then explains how the boys make a democratic decision on who be leader. At the start, everyone gets along so well. But then, the young boys, called littleluns, start having nightmares and say they see a monster. Ralph, as the leader, tries comforting the young children but things take a twist when one of the boys go missing.

While trying to stay civilised and keep a fire going there were some arguments going on with Jack and Ralph. Sadly, while there was a boat passing by, Jack was on watch of the fire, he left going to find a pig then the fire died out. The arguments soon led to two teams which soon led them to become more savage. Jack would temp everyone on Ralph’s side to join him because he was the hunter and he had the food. He became heartless and hopeless of anyone coming to their rescue

There were two people who really knew and understood what was happening, Simon and Piggy. They knew that the monster is really them and the fear and the anger. These two characters were also the good and caring characters. Unfortunately, both of these boys died and everyone knows it was Jacks fault.

At the end of the book, a navy man comes to the island for rescue because they saw the smoke. The kids became teary eyed and start crying. The ending tells how Ralph breaks down thinking about Piggy and Simon.

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