Life as a Puffin

I got inspired to choose the puffin bird for my migratory bird research from the movie Happy Feet. 

There are four types of puffins but I will just be focusing on the Atlantic Puffin, otherwise called the common puffin. These birds live at the colder waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, mostly found in Iceland with a population of about 8 to 10 million birds, 60% of their population. They say that the Puffin birds are the largest colony in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

It was a mystery, before, where the puffins use to migrate for winter. After they found  out, scientists were impressed. They put a type of GPS on them and found out that puffins spend most of their time migrating at sea. They drink salt water and can eat under waves! It’s similar for most young puffins who usually spend the first independent two years on water without ever touching land. Although this is one of the coolest way a bird can migrate, they have a lot of danger seeking ahead of them. The pollution that we have been costing have been a danger to lot of animals, especially polluted water leaks. 

Even though they have a large amount of their population, it is expected to drop down soon. A group of people even hosted a project called Audubon Project Puffin, where you can adopt your own puffin! This project was made to protect Maine seabirds. So if you have time to spend and space then I hope you consider helping the puffins survive and maybe adopt. Spread the word if you can.