Knowledge from Books; Knowledge from Experience

Knowledge of life and the world around expands as years come by. Some people are reading through their books about places, museums, objects, and others are seeing those places, museums, objects and experiencing, are they the same? No, they aren’t. People get different views when a book is placed in front of them and when they see the actual place or thing. 

Knowledge from a book can explain to a person how a place or thing looks like with words and pictures. It allows people to enter a realm where they see something through somebody else’s eyes. While knowledge through experience, on the other hand, lets people explore and feels something or someplace through their own view. Experiencing a place, for example, makes the person more enthusiastic and eager than reading. Therefore, reading and experiencing are completely different.

Another difference between these different ways of receiving knowledge is how you can be saved. Books can literally save your life. Some people write their biography and the history of other people. These books that are written, show what these people have been through and what has happened. For example, if a person wrote how someone kidnapped her because her attire was showing off her skin and tempted somebody, then you would know a lesson on what not to do. History from great heroes to a typical person can explain how their mistakes on losing their temper or being impatient can change and guide you. However, if you are going to experience that pain and fear one person has gone through, that would not be very pleasing.

Another reason about this two sorts of knowledge is the memorization of movement. An example is learning self – defense. When reading a book on self – defense, you read the skills and learn how your body should move. But how a book explains the movements can create such havoc, sometimes, to a person that they won’t understand. Nevertheless, when you actually do try displaying the moves out and practicing over and over again, this develops your muscle memory and helps with your motor learning skills.

To give an outline, beyond the similarities of how people get their knowledge, they have their very own unique way of teaching people. These two types of knowledge have their own cons and pros but they both share divergent yet superior information when read, used, showed or felt. Knowledge through books and knowledge through experience is not only different in how they teach but how it develops.

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