One China Policy

After the Chinese Civil War that occurred in 1949 ended, the nationalist, or Kuomintang, who failed to win against Mao Zedong’s Communist party, fled to Taiwan. Basically, the One China Policy means that there can only be one state called ‘China’. Well, there was a bit of a problem and that problem was that the two governments, one in the mainland of China and the other in Taiwan, both said that they represented the entire China. slide_13.jpgWell, that doesn’t actually apply to the rules of the one China Policy, does it.While the People’s Republic of China kept insisting that Taiwan was just a province of China, Taiwan, on the other hand, kept trying to spread the word that they are a democratic and independent country. Sadly, Taiwan was “threatened” that if they became independent then violence would enter the aura. And, according to Financial Times, “for the past 20 years, however, Taiwan has promoted itself as a free, democratic and in effect independent country”. That might have confused you cause I just said that they couldn’t be their own independent country. What Financial Times have reported out is true but what the information lacks is that this is unofficial. Still with me?

The involvement of US as far as understand is their relationship with Taiwan and that is 1979 Beijing and Washington formally established diplomatic relations. While the US taiwannotchinataiwanbetye0acknowledges the One China Policy, they continue their unofficial business with Taiwan, like culture, transportation stuff, exchange goods and other unofficial business. Unfortunately, there is a bit of tension with Trump and his idea to use the One China as a bargaining chip! This is the present, guys. China is becoming uneasy and worried about Trumps idea. There has been a response of angriness and hopefully this will end soon and well.

Comment down below on what you think should happen and if Trumps idea is for the best. People are starting to complain that Trump thinks anything can be bought. Wait for my next blog!