One Child to Two Child Policy

There was a policy established in 1979 but formally followed in 2015. This policy still exist of course and is established in China. This policy was implemented due to high birth rates and population in China. So now each couple are only allowed to have one child each. At the start, I really didn’t like the idea that couples in China could only have one child but the benefits are really helpful to the people in China. Especially, that kids and other people get better education and health.

Fortunately, since the policy has been going smoothly, a couple could have another child with some conditions. If the first born of a couple is a female, than they can apply for a second child.imgres.png Also, if both the parents are only-children themselves, then they can be ‘granted’ another child. Aside from the fact that you either have to be an only – child yourself or your first born to be a girl, this policy really helps aids China. Another way to get more than one – child without you know getting into trouble is having twins or multiple births.

But wait! You should know that the one – child policy has been officially abolished and China has allowed a couple to now have two children with their new two  – child policy. Hopefully, that goes well. According to more wiki, there were only ” “nearly one million” couples who applied to have a second child in 2014″. Don’t forget to comment down below if you think this was a good idea.