Being a Good Listener

I guess my definition of a good listener got diverted into a person who gives good advice. But, it does depend on the person and what they believe works better.

There are a few different articles I’ve read on how to become a better or good listener, you should read them. This kind of tips could help in relationships, it can help build them up. Okay, images.jpgI’ll explain the first article, from the theguardian, said. The person explaining his story on theguardian said that he always thought when he helped and gave advice to the person who spoke their heart out, was a good idea until he found out he was doing the wrong step. If you want to be a good listener, then you have to quiet and listen to the person. Also, you need to make the person know that you’re there for them and you are listening. I really love what I read from this article, they wrote “It took a while for me to understand that if a friend is in a dark place, the most compassionate thing we can do is to climb down into that place and sit with them for a while” and not pull them out while their still in that page.

Are you a good listener?